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Ultra-Thin Veneers: have the dream smile you always wanted in about a week

We have all heard the saying that "Less Is More." Well, this could not be more true then when it comes to veneers and to building a truly extraordinary smile with natural cosmetic dentistry.

The cheaper and common approach to placing dental veneers can not only be destructive but it often produces results that look fake and unnatural. This is largely due to the aggressive preparatory work done to remove excessive amounts of tooth enamel, in some extreme cases the teeth are ground down to mere nubs. Then a thick veneer is placed over the remaining enamel.

These thick veneers are inferior.
  • They lack the strength of natural teeth and so are prone to cracking, fractures, and falling off.
  • The thicker material lacks the natural translucence of a tooth, so they look artificial in both color and translucence.
  • The thickness commonly creates fit issues at the gum line, causing gum inflammation and discomfort.
  • Perhaps worst of all, the aggressive removal of the natural tooth structure permanently weakens the teeth and is irreversible.
Veneers Encino - Natasha describes seeing her brand
Natasha describes seeing her brand new smile in the mirror for the very first time.
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So why would anyone do these thicker veneers? The main reasons are that they are so much easier, cheaper and quicker to do this way. The aggressive approach also requires far less experience and skill for the dentist to place and unfortunately most patients aren’t educated to know the difference.

Ultra-thin veneers are highly customized to your mouth and to your bite. They fit well and have tremendous natural strength, as they are closely bonded to your natural enamel. They require an absolute MINIMUM removal of enamel and have a natural luminance that creates a radiant and beautiful smile.

They also require a high level of skill and experience to place, which means more initial expense, but when it comes to your health, comfort, and to the smile that the rest of the world will see and judge you by, there is no doubt as to its value and worth.

Our veneer process

When we say "our veneer process," we are including you in this collaboration. Unlike dental restorations and repairs, the task of natural cosmetic dentistry is to transform the way you look and it can profoundly change the way others see and think of you, so it is very important we include you in this process.

Surveys and studies have all clearly demonstrated that our smiles are the top item that people judge us by and remember. Therefore, we take great pains at the onset to consult with you, to understand your needs and to make all the right choices for a smile that completely fits you, your face, your life, and your mouth’s unique structure.

Quite often, this requires bite adjustments, checking materials for suitability and compatibility, gum sculpturing, tooth restorations, and color matching.

Along with discussing your expectations and desires, we go through a comprehensive checklist that enables us to ensure your teeth and other structures are in optimal condition to support cosmetic dental treatment. We take diagnostic images, create mouth models (impressions), and pull together all the information necessary for Dr. O'Malley to chart the optimal treatment plan and to make his recommendations to you.

Then, considering the various aspects of your unique oral anatomy and combining these with your desired result, a final recommendation for treatment can be made together with you.

To help you fully envision your future smile, at this point we create a wax-up, or model of what your smile will look like after cosmetic treatment.

A step closer to your dream smile!

The next major step for you, after any restorations and such, is the placement of a set of temporary veneers. It is critical that these temporaries are put in place to allow you to try-on your new smile before the final veneers are bonded to teeth. This allows any minor adjustments to bite, fit, color, size, and such. We place the temporaries and then you get to wear these for a few days, or even a few weeks, to makes sure that everything is "just right" for you.

Then, once you have approved of the size, shape, color, and other characteristics of your smile, we can order the final veneers from the dental lab.

Once we receive the final veneers, you return to have the temporaries removed, the final veneers placed, any adjustments are made, and you have now arrived at that great place with a beautiful, new smile.

The entire veneer process can be completed within a relatively short time, all with minimally invasive techniques that help you save your natural teeth for life! And, by keeping the maximal amount of natural structure intact you not only have a more beautiful and comfortable smile, you have teeth that are stronger and more resistant to future problems.

Caring for your veneers

The beauty of ultra-thin veneers combined with minimally invasive techniques is that due to the preservation of enamel and an incredibly strong bonding process, your veneers will look more natural, fit more comfortably and have the strength that can last for years with good care.

It is common sense that anything that can break a natural tooth can also break a veneer. Which means that normal precautions against habits such as grinding or clenching, biting or chewing on hard objects, or using teeth as a pair of pliers should be avoided.

If you are a "night grinder," we will recommend a custom-made mouth guard for sleeping. This guard is made from impressions taken of your mouth, and it will be custom fit for your comfort and protection.

30 Minutes into the Procedure!!

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Veneers 01
Veneers 01
Veneers 01
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Preparing for Ultra-Thin Veneers

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mercury Dendistory

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