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Choosing a dentist that is just right for you can be a tough task.

Save Your Teeth with Biomimetic Dentistry - Dr. Paul O'Malley Explains


It's a serious subject that needs to be addressed right away when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider.

It's always the same story: you're lured in by the free exam and xrays or cheap exam and xrays and you get the bait and switch; "get em' in quick and crush em' down."

When you're just price-shopping over the phone, this is exactly what you're going to wind up with every time. They will say WHATEVER IT TAKES to get you in their doors because they know once you're in, they have you. Or so they think...

This is a betrayal! But you're setting yourself up to make it happen without even realizing it. You think you're just trying to find the best price, whether it be a mechanic or a hairstylist or anything else. You're being naive. You know what's going to happen.

"Oh yeah, sure. I'll give your car a free inspection" - the problem is, we both know how that's going to end up most of the time: the most expensive consultation you have ever had. You're almost always going to spend more than you wanted.

Betrayal is a subject that makes a fearful consumer and, mixed with the horrible world of insurance-dominated healthcare, equals a cesspool of filth and confusion.

It creates a world where patients are careful to talk because they know that next sentence may be their last - both financially and for their personal health. But they are desperate for care and not sure what is going on with them. You have a person who NEEDS to talk, but cannot. That feeling makes you crazy! It makes you feel like a stationary, vibrating rock.

"Will you take my insurance?" is more important than "will you grind down all my teeth and place crowns like a barbarian?"

"Will there be a co-pay?" is more important than "will you root canal all my teeth and leave me in a state of poor health that could become MASSIVE complications in the next 10 years when those root canals get infected again?"

This is not the way healthcare was intended it be. This is not the way healthcare SHOULD be. This is not the way we will run our office and I am openly and strongly against this operating basis.

I would sooner lose my practice than create more distrust in people out there trying to find decent healthcare. It's a jungle and difficult enough as it is.

This sort of behavior comes from the following equation:

Scared and unconfident (uninformed) patient + unconfident and needy practice/practitioner = NIGHTMARE

But it's great for business because we're doing something that VERY few (if any) offices are doing. So the demand is high and it leads to a very low-stress and high-morale dental environment.

I have a fantastic database packed with very happy patients who won't go anywhere else if their life depended on it - and for that I am truly blessed. Why more dentists don't do this completely escapes me but I'll be the last one to complain.

I have a calm, 1-on-1 environment and you as the patient are a PART of the process here. Your education and choice as to what happens to your body is a PRIORITY and not something that is given the backseat to an insurance form.

Your right to your own health and sanity is primary, not your right to have an insurance claim approved prior to treatment.

These are the things that put my office and my staff completely outside the realm of standard dentistry. We feel very strongly about this and this section has been written in an effort to communicate that intention and to give you, as the potential patient, a confidence in who I am, what I offer that's different and how it may fit into what you are looking for. My office isn't for everyone.

Myself and my team have spent hundreds of hours putting together good, not-boring (we hope) material on this website in an effort to educate you as a patient. Whether you come to see us or not, this website, if you take the time to look it over thoroughly, will educate you as a patient in general for any sort of dentistry you may need. Look it over and gain a personal confidence in being a patient.

Because, look... once you get those root canals and crowns done unnecessarily, there is no turning back. The damage is done and you need to prevent that sort of thing from happening. Otherwise you may be fighting complications from those procedures for the rest of your life. The price tag may gleam in the light, but 10 years down the line there is a very good chance that you will regret your decision more than you can ever imagine.

When you come to see me you are proudly displaying that your health and the health of the people you love comes first and foremost.

I'm very excited to meet you and very excited to give you a fresh look at dentistry that you, as almost everyone that comes to see us says, will be so happy you did.

How do you Find a Good Dentist?

Some folks make choosing simple by pure price shopping. But, while this approach might work when comparing an identical Toyotas,
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it certainly does not make sense when choosing someone to care for your medical needs and your unique, personal situation. Nor does pure price take into account the question of long-term use, comfort, safety of materials, quality of life and a “full mouth” holistic view of your oral care.

So what are those factors that add up to a good choice in finding a dentist? How do you know that you are getting both a true professional and an individual that will demonstrate the care, gentleness and communication that all make for a great dental experience?

First of all comes the technical training and education. And this education does not stop with a university degree on the wall, but more importantly is the years of follow-up education and experience gained working not only in general dentistry but in specialties such as mercury-safe removals or cosmetic veneers. This subsequent education and experience is so important, not only for the skills gained but it also demonstrates the dentist’s degree of commitment to his profession.

In my case, I have remained committed to ongoing and continual education and training:

  • In 1984 I graduated from the esteemed Creighton University School of Dentistry.
  • Later I completed a Residency at the Baylor University in Texas, in Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Six years was spent practicing and learning in one of the premier Cosmetic Dentistry practices in the United States, located in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Logging well over 1000 hours in continuing education, and this is an ongoing commitment.
  • The pursuit of studies with a number of the great technical dentists of our time: namely Dr. Dickerson, Dr. Kois, Dr. Spear and Dr. Dawson.
  • Became fully laser-trained and can perform laser healing and cosmetic laser dental procedures.
  • I am one of a handful of dentists worldwide that are trained and certified in Biomimetic Dentistry

Experience and skill cannot be bought, it is earned through time, hard work, dedication and commitment to one’s trade.
In my case, I have:

  • Delivered and placed well over 10,000 cosmetic dental veneers, creating hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, comfortable, safe and healthy smiles for individuals across America.
  • I have delivered over 12,000 dentures, this experience has given me a full understanding and competency in building aesthetic, functional and comfortable smiles that fully demonstrate the concept that form follows function.
  • This great depth of experience over the years (holistic, biomimetic, cosmetic and reconstructive) has taught me the full art and science of creating custom smiles.
  • This experience has also taught me the exactness of TMJ and Occlusion guidelines and how to translate those guidelines into functional solutions.

Dentistry Encino - My Philosophy in Action

My Philosophy in Action

While the word “philosophy” is something that most folks think belongs in Universities or coffee houses, the truth is that one’s philosophy in life underlies their actions, their viewpoints and how they relate to others.

As a dentist my philosophy has always been to honor the individual. This has guided me in creating a highly personalized practice that delivers a concierge style of service–no multiple appointments or hopping from room-to-room. Only this approach allows me to dedicate my full attention and care to just you and your service needs.

Additionally, this has meant a dedication to holistic dentistry. This involves taking into account the bigger picture of an individual’s health and how oral care integrates into overall wellness. It means a commitment to the following:

Minimally Invasive Procedures: It is far easier and more economical for a dentist to “over drill” and practice invasive procedures that remove excessive amounts of your natural enamel and tissue. The problem is that invasive techniques are not only more painful but they create weaker teeth, contribute to ongoing discomfort and lead to early failure of repairs… requiring MORE work and potentially endangering the tooth.

Biomimetic Dentistry: This style of dentistry works to replicate the patterns and structures that Nature has evolved to build your naturally strong and healthy teeth. (Bio is life and Mimetic is to copy) It involves using exact removal techniques to treat zones of tooth decay removal steps and a precise approach to the layered rebuilding/ sculpting of teeth. This technique closely mimics Mother Nature’s engineering of the inner and outer tooth anatomy as well as the tissue structure of a healthy tooth. Aside from the longevity and comfort of these repairs I have been able to save 1000's of individuals from needing a root canal by the use of biomimetic procedures.

Mercury-free and Mercury-Safe Dentistry: It has been well over two decades since I placed my last mercury fillings, aka “silver amalgams.” There is NO reason to use mercury fillings in your mouth, it is a highly toxic substance and has proven neurological damages attached to exposure. It is also CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that exact and safe procedures be followed when removing or replacing old mercury fillings. I am specifically trained and have the proper equipment to ensure a safe mercury removal process for you. (I have been a member of the IAOMT since 1993)

Biocompatible Materials: While not necessary for everyone it is still quite common, and important, to test the dental materials for compatibility with your body. Your teeth are in near constant use and a part of your life, 24/7. There are hundreds of different dental materials and compounds, and incompatibility can lead to physical issues. I employ the use of biocompatibility testing, as necessary, to determine the best-suited materials to use in your dental repairs.

Dentistry Encino - Being a Dentist Means Business

Being a Dentist Means Business

As many young, eager dentists soon discover, being a dentist is much more than having a set of skills, dental school does not prepare us for the task of running a business. But, if you can’t run a business then this creates problems and strains that directly affect the patient experience.

So choosing a good dentist also means choosing one that can run a business and so deliver good, reliable service

Although I now run a small and very personal practice, this is not at all how I got my beginning.

Large Multi-Practice Background: I started my first practice in west Texas. This was in the 1980s and I rapidly grew that into a huge, multi-clinic practice that became the biggest in the region.

Staffing and organizational expertise: The key component of building a large practice, especially multi-clinics, is the ability to choose the right people, understand how to properly train them and then, of course, how to effectively manage them. With over 30 employees (including 4 dentists and 4 hygienists) in multiple locations I needed to gain and use some very strong “people skills.”

Technical training and supervision: It is one thing to be an expert oneself; it is entirely another thing to train and supervise others to those standards. This often means breaking down everything that you know, relearning it (in a sense), and then getting others to learn. All in all, I trained over 16 dentists in the art and methods of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

Why this is important to you: The fact is that having big dreams and ideals is one thing... materializing them is another. It is very important that your dentist also be a very good businessperson. Only by running a sound and stable business, even in a small clinic, can you be assured of receiving the technical quality and excellent service that you expect and deserve.

Dentistry Encino - Oarl health Logo Dentistry Encino - Oarl health Logo

My commitment to helping others enjoy better lives through healthier mouths does not stop at my practice door. Roughly ten years ago I began researching and developing a line of powerful and natural oral health care products. I realized that as a single dentist I could only help a limited number of individuals BUT by creating and making available superior oral health care products, and education, I could literally reach millions.

This project grew into an oral health care company that opened its doors and began selling products. The company is called GREAT ORAL HEALTH and our products sell on our website and via Amazon. Its mission is to have a worldwide impact upon the epidemic of gum disease, tooth decay and general poor oral health. For more detailed information on our Great Oral Health products please see:

Advanced Oral Probiotics - Mint Flavor

Dentistry Encino - Oarl health Logo Our most popular flavor, fresh and minty. A super blend of oral probiotics, with SEVEN powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, along with potent minerals to aid in remineralizing your enamel. A full 60 tablets in each bottle makes for the best value in oral probiotics!


Advanced Oral Probiotics - Strawberry/Vanilla Flavor

Dentistry Encino - Oarl health Logo With all natural strawberry and vanilla flavors this is are real winner for many of our customers. Also a great probiotic blend, with SEVEN powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, along with potent minerals to aid in remineralizing your enamel. A full 60 tablets in each bottle makes for the best value in oral probiotics!

Advanced Oral Probiotics - Kids Probiotics

Dentistry Encino - Oarl health Logo Give your kids and teenagers the probiotic boost they need to fight off gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay–while providing great protection against colds, sore throats & ear and sinus infections. In a great strawberry flavor that kids love and loaded with the probiotic strains BLIS K-12 and M18 that have proven clinical results for kids.

A small word about my personal life,

I find great enjoyment and fulfillment in being happily married and being the father of two children. I have spent years studying the discipline of martial arts, attaining a third degree black belt and instructing in the subject for 7 years. The study of martial arts has blended well with my life as a dentist as both disciplines are concerned with motion and the efficiency of movement. Whenever I have the chance, you will find me outside as I enjoy nature, hiking and camping.

My associations include:

  • International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
  • International Association of Mercury Free Dentists (IAMFD)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)
  • American Academy of Laser Dentistry (AALD)
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
  • Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (DAMS)
  • Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
In December of 2013, I was proud and elated to have been inducted as a Fellow in the IADFE (International Association of Dental Facial Esthetics), a very restricted and limited group of nominated and accepted cosmetic and facial esthetic dentists.

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