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What a difference a smile makes — look 10 years younger!

Gerri's Story on her anti aging Cosmetic Restoration EncinoHere is Gerri, a model example of how an artfully created and executed cosmetic restoration can not only give you a beautiful, white smile but can naturally take years off of your appearance. Especially as we age, looking 10 years younger is a very good thing!

It is not just the effect of old, yellowed and broken (or missing) teeth. As we grow older our faces tend to shrink and collapse. Notice the collapse of Gerri's jaw and cheek areas as well as the smaller lips and much reduced smile. This aging of the mouth, jaw, gums and teeth not only detracts from her appearance but it aged her beyond her years.

This process is due in no small part to the decay of our teeth, the steady grinding down from eating, talking and bruxism, and also the deterioration of the gums.

In this before image you can see more readily how strained her smile appears. This is due to issues with the deterioration of her teeth and gums, and bite problems treated by us. Of course the gaps in her teeth, the yellowing and darkening of the color, and the uneven spacing and sizing all combined to "teach" her to smile less and to smile small!

Important Note: A smile restoration is far, far more than "enamel deep" and it is critical to address all the issues in a mouth, from gum disease to bite issues. This is particularly critical for older individuals as there can be far more underlying issues as we age. It is also important that the smile fits your face and is right for you.

Check out this after image … Simply Amazing!

Anti Aging Dentistry After CaseI know it is hard to take your eyes off that gorgeous smile, but make an effort! Notice how the subtle yet attractive gum line now enhances not only the smile (like a frame on a beautiful picture) but also how it adds attractive depth and dimension to her lips.

Also notice the additional fullness to her cheeks and the restoration of her gumline. This is natural cosmetic dentistry at its best! Compare these before and after cosmetic dentistry images.

Look at how much younger and happier Gerri appears. Actual surveys of these two images commonly resulted in age estimates that were 10, if not 15 years younger than Gerri's chronological age.

The beauty of this transformation is not just the aesthetic boost but the boost in her confidence, and improved health, form, and functionality. Plenty of reasons to smile here!

How to look younger with cosmetic dentistry

Perhaps you heard of something called "anti-aging dentistry" as it was the source of quite a bit of buzz in the news recently.

It is an interesting and accurate portrayal of what quality cosmetic dentistry is truly about. Primarily, most people tend to think of cosmetic dentistry (and dental veneers) as a way to achieve a bright, white smile or to correct poor shape, cracks, or other imperfections.

What they don't realize is this: As you get older, your smile and teeth will become one of the most dramatic aging factors to your appearance.

How does that happen?
  • First the obvious – Teeth that are yellowed, cracked, discolored and worn down give a tired and old look to your smile and face.
  • Second, what is not so obvious – As you age, teeth become worn down and your mouth loses its volume from impaction and erosion. This has repercussions for the appearance of your entire face. It can lead to increased wrinkles, thinner lips, sunken cheeks, a dropped jawline and, like those wizened apple dolls you see at country fairs, this just makes you look old.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

Yes! But with a bit of advice.

I believe strongly that while cosmetic dentistry is there to make you look great, it is about so much more than just looks alone. It is about taking your smile and your mouth to its best in form, function, fit and appearance … far more than just looks alone.

What I believe in, and have devoted my practice to, is:
  • A blend of natural, cosmetic dentistry
  • Reconstructive dentistry
  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • An overall holistic approach
When I look at a mouth from those four viewpoints then I can heartily and 100 percent state that I have yet to find a mouth that could not be brought to a more optimum state of health, functionality, comfort, longevity, and beauty!

When approached from that viewpoint, then "yes," cosmetic dentistry is right for you!

Give me a call at 818-863-6340. I would love to see you and answer any questions you may have about looking 10 years younger and becoming healthier with natural cosmetic dentistry.

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