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An attractive, healthy smile can make a positive first impression, but if you are embarrassed by issues with your teeth, you may be uncomfortable smiling. If you are upset by imperfections in your teeth, such as discoloration, spacing issues, chipped teeth, or uneven lengths, you could see amazing benefits from porcelain veneers. Dr. O’Malley, in Los Angeles, CA, is experienced in correcting many aesthetic concerns with porcelain veneers. Benefits of Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are one of the most frequently inquired about cosmetic treatments because they are versatile. Veneers are a custom solution that can be tailored to meet individual …

What is the cost of full mouth reconstruction in the Encino and Los Angeles, CA area?

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If the current condition of your teeth and gums has you suffering, you are not alone. Full mouth reconstruction is a way to restore a bright, healthy, and beautiful smile. At the office of Dr. Paul O’Malley DDS, our team has extensive expertise in full mouth reconstruction and has spent years restoring patients’ smiles in Los Angeles, CA. What is full mouth reconstruction? Full mouth reconstruction is done when a patient has multiple dental issues. Typically, patients in need of full mouth reconstruction will be impacted by advanced dental decay, misalignment, jaw pain, missing teeth, or gum disease. Full mouth …

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Tooth loss can be devastating. Beyond the impact on the smile, it can affect oral health and self-esteem. The good news is adult tooth loss does not have to be permanent. While dentures have been around for over 100 years, they aren’t a perfect solution. Traditional dentures sit on top of the gums, which can make a secure fit challenging. Dentures that are uncomfortable, move around, or fall out are some of the biggest complaints from patients. Dr. O’Malley recommends implant-supported dentures to address tooth loss. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth because they are inserted into …

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Does the idea of permanent improvements to your smile excite you? If you have gaps in your smile, teeth that are stained or chipped, or uneven lengths, you could benefit from ultra-thin porcelain veneers. Dr. Paul O’Malley has years of experience transforming smiles with veneers. Ultra-thin porcelain veneers are the solution for concealing a multitude of cosmetic dental imperfections. The wafer-like shells of porcelain are adhered to the front of teeth to improve the appearance of the smile. Dr. O’Malley has a keen eye for detail and an artistic touch that makes him highly sought after for cosmetic services in …

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Dental implant-supported dentures have really raised the bar when it comes to replacing missing teeth. They are the most advanced solution available to fully restore your smile. Dental implants give patients back complete functionality along with a restored facial structure, improved confidence, and the ability to enjoy meals again. At the office of Dr. Paul O’Malley in Encino, CA, we work closely with a renowned oral surgeon to help our patients who are interested in this state of the art restoration. What are dental implants? Dental implants are posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone to act as replacement …

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At the office of Dr. Paul O’Malley DDS, we believe in tooth-conserving dentistry, otherwise known as biomimetic dentistry. This philosophy of dentistry is based upon the idea that teeth are not self-healing like other parts of our body which means it’s important to preserve as much of the healthy, natural structure as possible. If you are looking for a holistic dentist near you in Encino who provides conservative care, you’ve come to the right place. What does biomimetic mean? The literal translation of biomimetic is to “mimic life.” As this relates to dentistry, holistic practitioners who offer biomimetic dentistry offer …

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Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals, containing up to 50 percent mercury, along with silver, tin, copper, and additional trace metals. For over 150 years, amalgam has been used in dental fillings. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the toxicity of amalgam fillings and the potential effects it has on the body due to mercury. At the office of Dr. Paul O’Malley DDS, we do not use amalgam fillings, opting instead for biocompatible composite resin fillings. This safe material is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and free of harmful metals like mercury. Additionally, we offer the safe …

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At the office of Dr. Paul O’Malley DDS, we frequently see patients with complex dental problems who are desperate for us to restore health and beauty to their smile. Because no two cases are the same, we accept this challenge and treat every patient as an individual, coming up with a detailed plan to transform their damaged smile into one they love. What is considered a complex dental problem? The phrase “complex dental problems” is a broad one that essentially means the patient is dealing with multiple issues. This may include trauma, advanced gum disease or decay, or missing teeth. …

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Full mouth reconstruction goes way beyond cosmetic dentistry or smile makeovers. The entire process combines a series of advanced restorative and cosmetic procedures that will reconstruct the smile and the face. At the office of Dr. Paul O’Malley DDS, one of our greatest joys is working with a patient to give them back their smile and their self-esteem through full mouth reconstruction. Why you should consider full mouth reconstruction Deciding to undergo full dental reconstruction is hard. The process can be lengthy, expensive, and at times, painful, but the alternative is often complete loss of teeth and facial structure. So, …

Transform your smile with ultra-thin veneers in Los Angeles

Transform your smile with ultra-thin veneers Dr. Paul O’Malley for a consultation

When performed by the right professional, cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile and your life. Even if your smile is healthy, there may be certain imperfections that you would like to see corrected. Whether you have gaps between your teeth, overcrowding, differences in length, or even permanent discoloration, cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile. If you are in the Los Angeles area, a visit to Dr. Paul O’Malley for a consultation is the first step in achieving the smile of your dreams. One method we commonly use to address a wide variety of imperfection is porcelain veneers. These ultra-thin ceramic …

How it Works

1. Educate Yourself
I am not your average dentist. It's important you understand what I do so that you can make an educated decision on treatment after your exam. My free course is the best way to do that. You can sign up for free below or at the top of this page (for a callback). We require all new patients to go through the free course. If you would like a list of the free course videos so that you can move through them faster, simply call, email or text in and Brandon can send that to you.
2. Submit a Form or Call In
Submitting a form is best way to contact us and also allows you to receive my free course. We generally are booking 1-4 weeks out for new patients, then it may take another 2-4 weeks to begin treatment. We can help you get out of pain and handle emergencies by using our network of referral doctors. We don't want to rush into treatment until the game plan is 100% worked out and the diagnosis is complete. Planning is key and you need to understand what is happening with your body.
3. See if We Are the Right Fit
As you are rolling through the free course, Brandon, my office manager, is always available to answer questions via email or calling in. Our cost is around $900 per tooth for smaller restorations or $2,600 per tooth for larger restorations. We can help you file with your insurance but we do not file on your behalf. We do not do 1-tooth-dentistry but can give you a recommendation to other dentists who do. Call us, we will help! Whatever you need, we will try to give you the solution!
Dental X-Rays for a Free Evaluation
4. Send in your X-Rays for a Free Evaluation
Due to a large volume of calls and emails from all over the world, we want to make sure we can help as many people as possible. To do that we have decided to allow patients to send in their X-Rays by email and have Dr. O'Malley evaluate them at NO CHARGE. This will also include ballpark financial information to do the necessary work. If you don't have X-Rays from the past year, we can bring you in to have them done in our office. There will be a short questionnaire that my office manager can send you which I will need done to complete your x-ray evaluation. All X-Ray evals are given to people live on the phone with my office manager. X-Ray evals could take up to one week to complete.
5. Come in For a 2-3 Hour
My initial exam and x-rays is $295. We will get to know each other and also do a full 2-3 hour clinical examination. This step is NEVER rushed. You will have NO mysteries about your mouth and complex cases are VERY welcome. It's time to end your dental disaster once and for all. Compatibility between us is key before getting involved with treatment! I will print you a full treatment plan with pricing and sequencing. Average treatment plans range from $10,000-$65,000.
6. Go Over Financing and
Your treatment plan is broken down and options are given to HANDLE YOUR ENTIRE MOUTH. I don't do "duct-tape dentistry" and I want a product of a healthy and functional mouth FOR LIFE, so please be ready to confront your entire mouth or large sections. Any major work needs to be pre-paid prior to scheduling. We often book 4-10 hour appts to get you rolling FAST towards enjoying your new mouth. I also would like to get you started on my oral probiotics so we can prevent future decay from forming. I only want to see you for cleanings once we complete your work!

For Out-of-Town Patients:

I LOVE to help patients that are coming in from out-of-town. We can have it so that we can do the most amount of work in the fastest period of time while also reducing the amount of appointments you need. On the first appt we can do the full exam, xrays and impressions all within around 2 hours. Then we can prep everything and coordinate with any surgical aspects and lab work. Then, about 2-3 weeks later, we can bring you in for a very large appt to get everything rolling. We can even do 2 very large days back-to-back - like a Saturday and a Monday or a Friday and a Monday. Ideally, you can stay in town for a couple of days to verify we're all stable, then you can leave if you want. Then we would bring you back one more time for a weekend like that and we will generally be able to do most of your case in that time frame. If you're mainly veneers, it's a much easier case. But if you have a very complex case and quite a bit of complex decay, it can change the above but the basic layout is 1-2 large appts over a weekend every 2-4 weeks. But it all really comes down to what you want and how aggressively you want to complete work. In this way we can get a fully biomimetic restoration - giving you long-lasting functionality, aesthetics and comfort - while also compressing time to be as efficient as possible for you. I know you're busy and your time is VERY valuable and I will always work diligently to give you the best available dentistry while at the same time protecting your schedule and your personal life. All my dentistry is one-on-one so when you come in for your appointment, it's all about you. We're a team together in this project and I'm not running from room-to-room, you get my FULL attention to get a PERFECT product.

If you Aren't Ready for a Call Back, Type in Your Email Address Here for my Free Dental Education Course via Email. It Doesn't Cost a Dime and Will Protect You From Bad Dentistry

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