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Before and After Photos

Our Before and After Gallery is an excellent way for you to understand the true value in personal care from an experienced holistic and biomimetic dentist such as Dr. O'Malley. We have included more than Before and After images and explained the various cases of cosmetic enhancement or smile restoration. If you have questions about our practice or our concierge dental services, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Before and After Photos

Saving a Man's Teeth

Before and After Photos Encino - Before After 01 After years of progressive gum disease and much suffering this man’s dentist told him "Sorry, they all have to go!" Thankfully he came to see me for a second opinion and after some study I developed a plan to save his remaining teeth and to restore his smile. He lives in Texas so we had to initiate the work there and after I returned to California I continued to supervise his case until he was ready for his new mouth. After eight months he came to my office in California and we completed the work. Needless to say he is overjoyed and was ecstatic that on his upcoming vacation he could eat steak again!

What a rewarding job.

An Awesome Transformation and Looking 10 Years Younger!

Before and After Photos Encino - Before After 02 This was such a wonderful result for both my patient and for myself. It was a perfect example of how transforming your smile can transform your entire look. What I love to see is how openly and frequently my patients start smiling after they have their smiles restored and transformed. Multiple studies have supported the fact that people judge us by our teeth and by our smiles. It has a powerful effect upon others and having a beautiful one can change how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us as well.

Ready for your transformation?

John's Pain-Free, Natural Smile

John arrived with extensive decay, discomfort and all of the hurdles, such as time, fear of pain, money and past bad dental experiences, to overcome. We followed minimally invasive guidelines to restore his teeth using biocompatible materials and metal free veneers and crowns. In just 3 visits we were able to save his teeth, complete laser correction of his and giving him a pain-free, natural smile. We cleaned and lightened both the upper and lower teeth, with the lower teeth to be corrected and restored at a later date.

Darley's New and Beautiful Smile

Darly's smile needed extensive repairs and restoration beyond the obvious missing tooth. We replaced his missing tooth with a permanent and natural-looking cosmetic bridge. To ensure that the new tooth would blend well we reshaped his gum to create a fitting contour for the false tooth. Next we did ultra-thin veneers on his adjacent teeth, ending up with a fully restored smile and improved function. Needless to say he was extremely happy with the painless procedure from start to finish and quite proud of his new and beautifully natural smile.

Linda Finally Gets The Smile Of Her Dreams

This work clearly illustrates the value of a great lab and the benefits of a minimally invasive approach.

Linda had gone to another dentist for veneers done to close a gap between her front teeth. The result was a disaster. The veneers were square, bulky, and unattractive PLUS they kept popping off! Her gums were swollen as the result of a poor fit and the damage done by the previous dentist, who unfortunately was VERY aggressive in grinding down her teeth and prepared too far below her gums. This invasive approach to veneers is NEVER needed with a skilled hand, a great lab and the use of ultra-thin veneers. Our first step was to set in place nicer looking temporary veneers. Then over several visits, we used painless laser gum techniques to heal and reshape her swollen gums. We were then able to rebuild her smile with 6 new veneers.

The result was fantastic, pain-free, natural-looking and comfortable. Linda literally had tears of joy when we were finished as she FINALLY got the smile she had dreamed of.

Laura's Natural Appearance

Laura had an older bridge that she was upset with and was hoping to be able to improve its look and functionality. In particular, she disliked the grey coloration along the gum lines, which was caused by the metal under her porcelain bridge.

Following our biocompatible procedures we found a metal-free and natural-looking bridge made from a material that she tested compatible with. The result was fantastic and one look at the comparison shows the great results. The new bridge appears natural due to its translucent quality, which provides a far more natural appearance and match to real teeth.

Front bridges must not only appear beautiful and natural they must provide excellent function.

Many factors come into play and we work to ensure that functions such as speech, chewing and jaw movements are all given full importance in our restorations.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Here is Gerri, a model example of how a artfully created and executed cosmetic restoration can not only give you a beautiful, white smile but can naturally take years off of your appearance and face. Take a look and then read on to find out how this smile transformation takes place!

This is Gerri Before...

Pay particular attention to not only the transformation in her teeth but the change in her facial structure and apparent age as we restore and rebuild her entire smile.
Wow, what a change...

Not only are her teeth and smile glowing but we were able to take years off her appearance by restoring the fullness to her face, look at the cheeks and jaws, smiply WOW!

Before Cosmetic Dentistry

Before and After Photos Encino - Gerri 03
As we grow older our faces tend to shrink and collapse. Notice the collapse of Gerri’s jaw and cheek areas as well as the smaller lips and much reduced smile. This aging of the mouth, jaw, gums and teeth not only detracts from her appearance but it aged her beyond her years.

This process is due in no small part to the decay of our teeth, the steady grinding down from eating, talking and bruxism and also the deterioration of the gums.

In this bottom image you can see more readily how strained her smile appears. This is due to issues with the deterioration of her teeth and gums as well a bite problems that we address.

Before and After Photos Encino - Gerri 04
Of course the gaps in her teeth, the yellowing and darkening of the color as well as the uneven spacing/sizing all combined to "teach" her to smile less and to smile small!

All of these issues can be addressed with quality reconstructive cosmetic dentistry.

After Cosmetic Dentistry

Before and After Photos Encino - Gerri 05
I know it is hard to take your eyes off that gorgeous smile but make an effort! Notice how the subtle yet attractive gum line now enhances not only the smile (like a frame on a beautiful picture) but how it also adds attractive depth and dimension to her lips.

Also notice the additional fullness to her cheeks and the restoration of her natural gumline. This is natural cosmetic dentistry at its best! Compare these before and after cosmetic dentistry images. Notice in the right image how much younger and happier Gerri appears. In fact, when we have randomly surveyed our patients, friends and associates on this two images it is quite common to get an age date of at least 10, if not 15 or more, years younger.

The beauty of this transformation is not just the aesthetic boost but the boost in the health, fit, form and function of her smile as well. Plenty of reasons to smile here!


What a phenomenal result, as the before and after gallery below shows.

Natasha's smile was not a bad smile, but it did not fit her face and she hated the fact that her smile never grew up to fit her face, in her 20's she still had her 12-year-old smile.

I took great pleasure in working with her very closely to achieve the exact look, color, shade and smile that she wanted.

See for yourself, notice the change in her overall appearance and how the correct and right smile will bring out the full beauty of an individual's appearance. Notice as well the delicate work on to frame the new veneers with gum restructuring. Also note the translucent and very natural coloration of the ultra-thin veneers that we used-more work and very detailed, but completely worth the final result!

With her new veneers she got that brighter and fuller smile. The new smile fit her face perfectly, has a gorgeous and natural radiance and worked to bring out the best in her features. With precise gum contouring and painstaking attention to color along with the use of ultra-thin veneers (actually stronger, better for your teeth and natural appearance) we got the job done.
What Natasha Had to Say about her Veneers

"If anyone is thinking about transforming their smile, just know that if you work with Dr. O’Malley you will absolutely get the smile you have always wanted. He is so good at what he does, a consummate professional who has honed his craft to perfection. He treats you as an individual and really cares. You can trust in him to create the smile you've always wanted. Dr. O'Malley loves his job. How can he not? He helps make dreams come true. He did for me."

When he first came into our office, he was almost too embarrassed to smile. His teeth were worn, and he also suffered from fluorosis – a condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine compounds. It caused yellowing, pitting, and mottling of the enamel. He helped us every step of the way, and let us know how he wanted his smile to look. After making computer measurements of his teeth and plotting the final shape of our ultra thin veneers to visualize his smile, we fit him with some temporary veneers while we ordered the permanent ones from our laboratory. Our ultra thin veneers are quite different from the standard. Many of the standard veneers are very thick, and require a lot of enamel to be removed from the tooth to prepare it. The thicker veneers aren’t as strong as the teeth and are prone to cracking and breaking. Our veneers are much thinner, look more like normal teeth, and can match the strength of your natural teeth. What a difference when the final veneers were placed on our patient! Notice the natural brightening and how healthy his smile looks. He is so happy and confident, now he can’t stop smiling!

Mercury Removal

Mercury amalgam is a common filler to correct cavities, and has been for over 100 years of dentistry. The material is strong, and it bonds with the tooth fairly well. The problem is that Mercury, while it is a natural element, is a poisonous material. It can be a danger when in the small amounts present in the filling, and is a danger when removed as the small particles of mercury created when the filling is drilled can be absorbed by the patient. We take the removal of this material from the smile very seriously. The strictest protocols are used and great care is taken that no particles are absorbed by the patient. We removed the amalgam filling safely from this posterior tooth, and used biocompatible material in an incremental bonding process for a wonderful onlay. Our process requires minimal preparation of the patient and results in maximum strength for the tooth. Holistic biocompatible materials = happy patient!
Our office specializes in safely removing mercury amalgam fillings as safely as possible. Mercury, while it is one of the most dangerous substances to human cells, can cause other problems. The material is strong enough to endure the pressures of biting and chewing, but implementing it into the tooth requires a great amount of the tooth structure to be drilled away. The metal is very conductive to heat and cold, and will expand and contract dramatically. This can lead to the tooth cracking or breaking or the filling can fall out. The amalgam can also discolor the tooth gray or black, and those with metal allergies will react with the fillings as well. Fortunately, we were able to restore these teeth using our strict protocols to prevent mercury contamination to staff or patient. We are very happy we were able to save over 90% of the original tooth structure, and replace the amalgam with composite resin. The resin bonds to the tooth better, and reacts like the original tooth structure with bite pressures, heat, and cold without the discoloration often present. This leads to a filling that is safe, and undetectable at first glance.

16 Years Later and the Smile Shines On!

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