After getting up to a certain point of proficiency in life and living comfortably, naturally, a person starts to want to give more to the world.

I am quite grateful for the life I live. I take mastery of what I do very seriously, and over the years, I have come up to a high proficiency in my life.

Statistically, age also plays a major factor in a person becoming more interested in contributing to things bigger than themselves.

One of the major aspects of discipline in my life has been martial arts (see photos above).

Karate has taught me the importance of a lifelong focus of constant improvement as well as the power of being humble.

Karate has also given me an appreciation for the simplicity and beauty that life offers.

My life as a dentist has afforded me the freedom to donate my money and time to some causes that are very dear to my heart.

I support 2 major charities, and I have for over two decades:

The Way to Happiness –
The Way to Happiness is a common sense guide to better living. It’s an organization that creates small booklets that have simple ethical and moral messages in them and make people introspect, in a healthy way, about their own life.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights –
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an organization that goes against the entirely fraudulent “mental health” community that manufactures an entire book of symptoms (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) in order to justify massive profits through drugging every man, woman and child in the world.