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Dr. Paul O’Malley DDS

Masters of Biomimetic, Holistic & Cosmetic Dentistry

Bringing Dentistry Out of the Ice Age

My office is unique, and our services are NOT for everyone. My style and level of care is best-suited to a specific type of dental patient.

If you’re looking for cheap dentistry, look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking to save your current teeth and save your money in the long term, you’ve found the right place.

With a dedication to NEVER grind own a tooth to place a crown to helping avoid dead-end root canals, my team and I are THE EXPERTS in the Los Angeles area to getting a brand new smile with as few compromises as physically possible.

My Mission Statement

I specialize in saving your natural teeth. I also concentrate on helping patients avoid root canals. I NEVER grind teeth down to place a crown, but I will replace old metal crowns if requested by the patient. Crowns can cause complications, so I only do onlays, and reduce teeth no more than ABSOLUTELY necessary by using biomimetic technology.

I do not offer cleanings to patients until ALL their mercury fillings are completely removed, as cleaning teeth with amalgam fillings releases a tremendous amount of mercury.

ANY OFFICE OFFERING TO CLEAN YOUR TEETH WHILE YOU HAVE SILVER/MERCURY FILLINGS IN YOUR MOUTH IS AN OFFICE YOU SHOULD BE VERY WEARY OF. People cleaning the teeth where there are mercury fillings must be TERRIFICALLY careful not to scrape, polish or put pressure or abrasion on mercury (learn more about this on our safe mercury removal page).

By saving your natural teeth, I help you save money in the long term. You can learn more about this on my Value vs. Price page.

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Don't Compromise on Quality

Real Patient Results, Real Patient Transformations

Browse our before and after gallery for a preview of what Dr. Paul O’Malley can do for you.

That WOW Moment

When I had my veneers on and I looked at them in the mirror the first time, I was speechless because I had no idea how beautiful they were going to look.


Before Retracted
After Smiling

Mercury Removal

Safe Mercury Removal of patient by Dr. Paul O'Malley
Safe Mercury Removal of patient by Dr. Paul O'Malley

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Bio mimetic dentistry full mouth reconstruction before of a old lady
After Biomimetic dentistry full mouth reconstruction lower jaw of a old lady

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Front teeth
After doing Full Mouth Reconstruction

Meet The Team And I

Experience and skill cannot be bought, it is earned through time, hard work, dedication and commitment to one’s trade.

What I specialize in (and what makes me happy) is making your teeth LOOK and FEEL so good that you forget you’ve had work done and no one else can tell they aren’t your natural teeth. My greatest compliment ever is when I have patients that tell me that no one can tell that they have had work done because it looks so natural. 

That allows you, as the patient, to tell people if you want to or simply just keep it more private. The whole world should not see an advertisement on your face that you have had work done. Your smile should look more like a fully natural set of teeth where you simply took really good care of your teeth all these years.

I truly enjoy the “teammate” experience that we get to have once you complete my free Holistic Dental Course. I enjoy the fact that you, as the patient, truly comprehend much of what is happening, and you are able to give me valuable feedback in order to achieve the highest levels of technical perfection.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Delivered and placed well over 10,000 cosmetic dental veneers, creating hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, comfortable, safe and healthy smiles for individuals across America.


I have delivered over 12,000 dentures, this experience has given me a full understanding and competency in building aesthetic, functional and comfortable smiles that fully demonstrate the concept that form follows function.

Years Experience

This great depth of experience over the years (holistic, biomimetic, cosmetic and reconstructive) has taught me the full art and science of creating custom smiles.

I Specialize in Full Mouth Restorations and Natural Cosmetic Dentistry - Using a Minimally Invasive Approach

Dr. Paul O'Malley DDS
How it works

How It Works


The educational process that we do with all of our patients is the “secret sauce” that helps me get you the best possible restorations and also helps to stabilize your mouth so you don’t need more work in the future.

My free Holistic Dental Course is how we achieve that, one-for-one. Please sign up for that right away. We require all new patients to go through the free course prior to getting their full in-person exam wit me.

If you would like a list of the free course videos so that you can move through them faster, simply call, email or text in and our office manager can send that to you.

If you have a Full Mouth Series of xrays from the past year, send them in for a FREE evaluation from Dr. O’Malley.

If not then, just like the video at the top of each page states, you come in for $100 xrays and the evaluation is free. If you are currently in pain then call in and we can handle emergencies by using our network of referral doctors.

We don’t want to rush into treatment until the game plan is 100% worked out and the diagnosis is complete. Planning is key and you need to understand what is happening with your body.

As you are rolling through the free course and waiting for your x-rays to be evaluated, our office manager, my office manager, is always available to answer questions via email or calling in.

Our cost is around $900 per tooth for smaller restorations or $3,200 per tooth for larger restorations. We can help you file with your insurance but we do not file on your behalf.

We do not do 1-tooth-dentistry but can give you a recommendation to other dentists who do. Call us, we will help! Whatever you need, we will try to give you the solution!

After we finish the $100 pre-examination (over the phone with xrays), then we book the full in-person evaluation with me for $195.

We will get to know each other and also do a full 2-3 hour clinical examination. This step is NEVER rushed. You will have NO mysteries about your mouth and complex cases are VERY welcome. It’s time to end your dental disaster once and for all. Compatibility between us is key before getting involved with treatment!

I will print you a full treatment plan with pricing and sequences based on which areas are in the worst condition. Average treatment plans range from $5,000-$90,000.

Your treatment plan is broken down and options are given to address your entire mouth as a system – section by section. I don’t do “duct-tape dentistry” and I want a product of a healthy and functional mouth FOR LIFE, so please be ready to confront handling your mouth once and for all.

We work with CareCredit, Proceed Finance, and we also have a list of great 0% credit card options. Any major work needs to be pre-paid prior to scheduling.

While we are doing your treatment, I would like to get you using my products from Great Oral Health ( to ensure you don’t need any more work in the future.

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And Join My Free Holistic Dental Course Via Email

Please let us know what's on your mind and how we can help.
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