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Full Mouth Restoration. Giving new life to a very tough case!

Story on Full mouth Restoration EncinoWarning, these are tough pictures to look at. The long-term effects of gum disease and tooth decay are not very pretty and are even harder to live with.

Day-to-day living and activities that we take for granted, such as the ability to eat and to talk easily, become real challenges or even impossible. Perhaps even more serious than the loss of functionality and quality of life is the very real health threat as your body is continually exposed to pathogenic bacteria and germs. No wonder periodontal disease has been linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and more.

In this patient's case, years of progressive gum disease and tooth decay led to the loss of most of his teeth (some of the teeth below are not his natural teeth) and also bone loss. Despite regular dental care, his condition worsened to the point that his dentist gave up and sent him to a specialist. The specialist also gave up and told him, "You have no choice but to remove all your teeth and wear dentures. The bone loss and tooth loss is so bad that they cannot be salvaged."

Well, if you have ever worn dentures or know someone who has, this is not a nice way to live. They are uncomfortable, cause many problems, are embarrassing, and rarely look good. So this was not a choice this man wanted to take.

Thankfully, a caring friend referred him to Dr. O'Malley. Even though he lived half-way across the country, he knew he had to seek the help of a dentist that was an expert in holistic, biological, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. It was a good thing that he made that choice and made that trip. Without a doubt, this was a very tough case. Without a deep understanding of these multiple fields of dentistry, there is no doubt it would have been impossible to save his teeth. But Dr. O'Malley and his team did.

It was not easy and it was not quick. The entire procedure took slightly over a year but the patient was certainly not complaining. Not only did he get his smile back, but he got back a level of quality life that had been gone for years. Eating was enjoyable (and this contributes to your nutrition as well), talking was fun, and boy oh boy – was it fun to laugh and smile again!

A new look and a new life! Check these out and what he had to say:

"Both my dentist and my oral surgeon said I had no choice and that all my teeth needed to go, that dentures were my only option. Thank heavens I found Dr. O'Malley. He studied my mouth and developed a strategic restoration. It took a year but I saved many of my remaining teeth! And now I have a smile that looks beautiful and feels so natural. The best part was the trip I took to Florida after we finished. For the first time in years I could easily bite into and enjoy a steak. Wow, it was great. I look amazing and feel so much better about myself – truly a new man!"

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