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Combining holistic and biomimetic procedures could mean you don't need a crown or a root canal!

If your mechanic told you that the only way to fix your engine is to grind it down into a little nub and then put a big ceramic piece over the part that was ground down, I think you would start asking some questions.

Or what if your toe was in pain so your doctor said that he needed to go in and drill out all the nerves of your foot so you didn't hurt anymore? This is what a root canal is. It's silly if it's not 100% required.

Sometimes the root is ACTUALLY infected and needs a root canal, but the usage of crowns and root canals as a "standard" of dentistry simply doesn't make sense.

Doing a root canal because the tooth "might get infected" is completely ridiculous.

Why don't we saw your arm off because you "might break it"?

At Dr. O'Malley's we think the following makes sense:
  1. If the root is currently and actively infected then it needs a root canal. If it isn't infected then let's fix it and watch it carefully and not drill down and rip all of the roots out the tooth unless, at a later time, we find that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Most of the time it's not.
  2. If there is decay on a tooth but there is still some good tooth structure, why would you grind all that good tooth structure and make the nerve of the tooth die because it senses such horrible danger that it just gives up and dies? You should grind out the decay then build the tooth up structurally from that point and leave the rest of the good tooth ALONE. This allows the nerve to do it's job and bring nutrients in and out of the tooth. (A man with no job or direction in life dies from boredom and purposeless, it appears tooth nerves act the same way.)
If you agree with these two points and disagree with the part I was saying at the beginning, you will most likely be our patient soon.

Why Biomimetic is Better
Why Biomimetic is Better

Some people reading this might think "well yeah, OF COURSE, that sounds way better." But what you don't know is that most people really don't care or just don't look. What may be common sense to you would surprise you.

Call around to several dentists and ask this question: "if I have a tooth that has 20% decay, would your office deliver a crown on that tooth?" and you will be shocked to find that every single office you call will answer yes to that question. (I told a potential patient to do this one day over the phone and, to my surprise, she actually did and came in and told me this, which is how I know. She became our patient shortly afterwards. )

Crowns are the bread and butter of a typical dental office. They are easy to make, easy to place and they yield a nice profit; which is why dentists are so eager to get them placed.

But let's be fair, in moments where the tooth is already grinded all the way down and completely destroyed, a crown might be an option. But what about all that good tooth structure of a tooth that isn't totally destroyed already?

We give dentistry a facelift by combining the following technologies into a unified whole:
  1. Mercury and metal free dentistry
  2. Biomimetic dentistry
  3. Minimally-invasive dentistry
  4. Crown/Root Canal avoidance whenever possible (most of the time it is)
  5. Holistic dentistry
  6. Total 1-on-1 dentistry where the doctor takes the time to give you a high-quality experience that is comforting and is perfection, technically.
In order to deliver all of this under one roof, Dr. O'Malley has gone through the gauntlet of life and has needed to learn all of these different techs over the past 30 years then, through experience, has learned to mold them together into a workable and complete system.

Only through sweat, blood and tears can a person make something so complex look and feel so seamless.

Facelift Achieved:

The basic concept behind the word "holistic" is that one considers the whole as more than just the sum of the individual parts. In practice it means that one must treat you, the patient, as something more than just "itty-bitty" parts and that a beneficial and healthy approach takes in the big picture.

Biomimetic is a simple yet powerful concept. Its root meaning is to "imitate life or the natural structures and functions that life has evolved." Why is this important? Especially in dental restorations it is vital to honor the incredible sophisticated patterns that eons of evolution have provided. By working with these patterns a biomimetic dentist can not only build stronger, longer lasting restorations but also provide restorative solutions that don't create new problems or weaknesses within your mouth.

More and more individuals are choosing to optimize oral health from a holistic perspective. Dr. O'Malley has had, since early in his career, an innate understanding of the oral-systemic connection. What happens in the mouth certainly doesn't stay there. Whether decay, a poor bite, or the dental work you agree to, your smile and your body will respond to this more natural approach.

We treat our patients with respect for their quality of life. Dr. O'Malley has seen firsthand the lasting effects that occur when dentistry is not performed around individual needs or to the highest standards. We are not the type of practice that is built upon the high-volume business model of "finding and fixing" immediate dental problems with the least amount of time and effort using low-cost materials. Our goal, rather, is to take the time we need to understand the cause of your dental concerns and to factor in your health and the issues that may hinder longevity of restorative or cosmetic work. We treat you, the whole you, not just your teeth.

The approach taken meets your needs for a healthy, attractive smile and our need for excellence in quality. The degree of preservation that occurs with biomimetic techniques decreases the potential for root canal issues and facilitates optimal functionality of chewing.

Holistic Dentistry and Dental Materials:

What many people know about the holistic dentist is that this practitioner will avoid the use of mercury filling (amalgams). Though this is a hallmark of holistic care, there is much more to our methods than to keep dangerous materials out of your mouth.

Dr. O'Malley follows the strict IAOMT protocol for the removal of existing mercury fillings. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has outlined the steps through which exposure to toxic mercury is significantly reduced during the removal procedure. In a typical removal process, the dentist would treat amalgam material no differently than precious natural tooth material. Amalgam fillings are simply drilled out of the mouth. Drilling amalgam, like drilling enamel, creates vibration and heat. Heat is the primary factor that allows mercury to exit amalgam and reach oral tissues, the lungs, the eyes, the skin, and the environment. Taking a systematic approach that involves supplemental oxygen, protective sheeting, high-vac filtration, and "cutting and cooling" filling material, we protect you from the harmful effects of this dangerous substance.

Mercury is only one of many common dental materials that the holistic dentist will avoid. Part of providing the best possible care is to understand individual needs. Every person is different. To treat your dental concerns in a way that is most advantageous to your body, we suggest the performance of Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing.

The Perfect Complement to Holistic Principles:

Bio (life) mimetic (to mimic) dentistry is an exciting field in which we take extraordinary measures to recreate natural oral structure. Biomimetic dentistry takes tooth and smile repair to a completely new level, and Dr. Paul O'Malley has been a leader in this area of dentistry for many years.

The biomimetic and holistic dentistry practiced in our office is performed from the perspective that natural tooth structure is important. We take a great deal of pride in the attention we give to the finite details and to the minimal alteration that we maintain during cosmetic and restorative processes.

Regardless of the placement of a filling or crown onto a tooth, excessive reduction of structure of a tooth leaves it vulnerable. Improper repair is, really, no repair at all because at some point that tooth will experience additional damage. The non-aggressive manner in which Dr. O'Malley repairs teeth is immensely valuable, leading to long-term function and health.

An Example of Care:

In order to understand the complexity of biomimetic dentistry, it is important to become familiar with the tooth. Each tooth has a hard outer coating of enamel. Enamel is two and a half times stronger than bone. Beneath enamel is dentin, which is comparable to bone in hardness and durability.

When a cavity forms in a tooth, the standard of care is to drill excessively and then fill the now larger hole with composite resin, or amalgam. While the hole may be filled, the lifelike structure of the tooth has not been considered, and therefore, has not been truly repaired-in fact it has been weakened. Even in instances when composite is used, the placement of one "glob" onto the tooth often results in the restoration pulling away from natural structure, allowing bacteria access to a vulnerable area of the tooth. The "glob" does not have the flexibility or strength of the natural tooth which not only places stressful pressures upon the remaining tooth structure but this "fix" often leads to personal discomfort and even pain.

In our office, patients receive the full extent of our undivided attention and care. A situation such as a cavity is seen for what it is, damage to the enamel and damage to the dentin. To restructure the tooth so that it can function for numerous years, Dr. O'Malley will first address the dentin. Here, biocompatible composite material will be added. More than wiping on a large amount of product, however, Dr. O'Malley will add a small amount of composite and will then cure it with light. More composite will be added and cured in incremental measures until a satisfactory filling has been achieved.

The placement of composite is adequate for restructuring the dentin because the hardness of this substance is similar to natural tooth material. To repair the surface of the tooth, however, a harder material is needed. On top of cured composite, Dr. O'Malley then applies strong, natural-looking porcelain or ceramic. The combination of steps in the repair process ensures the proper shock absorption and hardness to the different layers of the tooth, significantly minimizing any risk of further damage, even years later.

Dr. O'Malley has spent a large portion of his career continuing his education in the area of biomimetic and holistic dentistry. He trained for some time with mentor Dr. Dave Allen, has completed numerous continuing education courses, and is a member of the American Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.

We offer our patients the highest value in dental care. More than quick repairs, we work to ensure that your cosmetic or restorative dental work is performed in the most efficient manner. When you visit us, you will receive the one-on-one care that you deserve. Through this level of personal care, we have helped hundreds of men and women find solutions to their dental concerns.

Learn more by watching all of our videos below:

Using contemporary dentistry, these teeth would have been crowned and possibly root canaled You can see how we only removed the decay necessary and slowly built up the teeth from there, saving all the natural tooth structure. Now they are strong and safe using biomimetic dentistry and ready for the final onlays once they are made in the lab.
Holistic Biomimetic Dentistry 1
Holistic Biomimetic Dentistry 3
Holistic Biomimetic Dentistry 2

What is biomimetic dentistry? Watch these simple videos to find out!

Success of a patient that was able to avoid NINE root canals by being our patient!

mercury Dendistory
mercury Dendistory

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