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Dr. O'Malley has a long history with veneers, biomimetic restorations, dentures, implants, braces/Invisalign, and just about every other area you can imagine involving dentistry.

We have certain specialties that we focus in on, but when you come to us, ANYTHING you may need will be overseen and programmed by Dr. O'Malley and you will be referred to one of our trusted specialists.

If you want an extremely holistic approach to your mouth, regardless of what needs to be done, Dr. O'Malley is the right choice for you and his direction will put you at ease.


Losing a tooth means more than experiencing cosmetic issues. It means losing your ability to chew and to speak comfortably and clearly. Depending on the extent of tooth loss, it is possible to experience an enormous change in quality of life. For most people the solution to multiple tooth loss has been to be fitted with common dentures. While this approach does provide the appearance and some of the functionality of teeth, it does not do a very good job of it. If you have ever worn dentures, or know someone who has, you know what a pain and disappointment they are:
  • They don't fit well
  • Your speech is impaired and slurred
  • It is difficult or even impossible to eat or chew many foods
  • They look bad
  • Your facial appearance suffers
  • At the end of the day, dentures are just embarrassing to have to wear
Take the act of chewing food; many people have stated that they didn't realize just how much chewing function they would lose by agreeing to treatment that does not address all of their functional needs. It is no surprise when statistics show that dentures only replace about 10% of the total chewing function!

The good news is that better results than this exist and that the aesthetic, comfortable and functional mouth restoration that you deserve can be yours. One of Dr. O'Malley’s greatest joys in dentistry is restoring a mouth to not only a beautiful appearance but to a level of high functionality that restores the lost quality of life back to an individual.

This solution often comes from implant-supported dentures. These can provide the way for you to restore a whopping 90% of your chewing function.

Functionality of a denture comes from stability. The standard denture focuses primarily on the replacement of the crown of a tooth, or its visible portion. A conventional denture does nothing for the missing root, and therefore, nothing for the bone structure of the jaw. This is not a biomimetic method of treating missing teeth.

Dr. O'Malley has worked with hundreds of patients in the area of tooth replacement. Throughout a lengthy career he has continually sought solid solutions that would increase the longevity of a patient’s oral health. In many cases, implant supported dentures achieve just what is needed to remain confident and capable of speaking clearly and chewing sufficiently.

What are implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics intended for the replacement of missing roots. When we are talking about full mouth replacement, it is possible to act in a minimally invasive way, placing only four implants per arch to bring optimal stability to a full denture. Many patients have been told they need more implants, but this is not always the case. In our Los Angeles office, we focus on biomimetic dentistry, which uses the least invasive techniques to rebuild teeth and the oral structure the way it was designed by nature.

Dr. O'Malley places a great deal of importance on excellence in care. Consulting with patients about implant-supported dentures, he provides comprehensive analysis of needs, oral and lifestyle habits, and discusses patient expectations right down to the finite details of whether a retained denture will be removable or fixed. Patients who select this form of care will work with Dr. O'Malley as well as an expert implant surgeon in our area with whom we work on such cases.

The natural structure of your teeth and jaw is important to the way you chew, speak, and feel about your appearance. The care that we put into each case strives for absolute perfection for the individual we are treating.

Don't leave your smile and your wellbeing to chance. Consult with Dr. Paul O'Malley about the benefits of one-on-one dental care. In our private practice, patient comfort is one of our highest priorities.

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