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Difficult cases challenge us and we enjoy taking our time to make sure they are done RIGHT

What is a "complex case?"

How do you know if your situation is complex? Well, the easiest way to know is that your current doctor is carting you around to several "specialists" and no one has openly and certainly told you what needs to be done.

You can see in their eyes that they don't really know what to do. When you have missing teeth, a bad bite, a very bad over or under bite, tons of mercury fillings, massive cracked teeth, etc, you most likely have a very complex dental case. You may also want that perfect smile but you have extensive decay and veneers are a difficult option – this would also be a complex case.

Most dentists focus more on one-tooth dentistry or quadrant dentistry (dentistry done by the quarters of the mouth – upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). This type of dentistry is usually what is done because the dentist does not want to scare you away with a massive price tag, or they feel "if it's not broke, don't fix it."

But Dr. O'Malley has a different approach:

Right now you are working (most likely). Even though it will be expensive, you may have the ability to work it out.

But if you aren't aware of it now and you eventually retire, you may be in store for very bad news when your mouth falls apart. The reason why is because, at that point, you may be on a fixed-income, such as a pension or investment dividends. Then all the sudden a tooth breaks and you can't afford it. It becomes a nightmare.

The proper answer is to handle your teeth right away and start working towards a solution that will last the rest of your life. We feel that a person should not wait until they are older to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. They should do it now so that they can reap the benefits and enjoy it for the rest of their life.

Complex cases are welcomed by our office because it keeps us on our toes.

We're already generations beyond contemporary dentistry with our biomimetic and holistic restorations. Complex cases keep us moving forward and keep us learning and feeling challenged.

What else sets Dr. O'Malley apart?

The nature of general dentistry has always been more focused upon handling individual problems, such as fix a filling here or install a crown there, rather than absorbing the big, or holistic, view. As a top holistic dentist, Dr. O'Malley has long been a specialist in the process of solving complex dental cases with a restorative approach.

Big problem dentistry is one of the areas in which biomimetic dentist Dr. Paul O'Malley really shines.

Dr. O'Malley has been practicing dentistry for several decades. Over the course of the last twenty-five years, he has continued to search for comprehensive solutions that would do more than repair the surface of a tooth or address oral disease with extraction and a denture. Mentored by some of the leading holistic and biomimetic dentists, Dr. O'Malley has developed specific ways to help patients retain their natural teeth and experience a turnaround in their oral health.

We understand that persistent dental problems can make you feel hopeless. Perhaps you have been told that you need extractions or numerous root canals. Maybe you have already undergone such treatment! If you are unsure of what to do to improve your condition but you know you want to save your natural teeth, the wealth of skills that Dr. O'Malley has, and his insistence on one-on-one care, can bring you down the right path.

And, although solving complex dental problems is our specialty, Dr. O'Malley always seeks the correct solution that can ideally avoid the need for extensive repairs. This is why we conduct an exhaustive and comprehensive 60-point examination upfront so as to have the complete picture necessary for an optimal solution.

Treatment in our office is designed to be as pain-free as possible. We see no reason for your stress to be compounded by the fear of dental treatment.

Reconstructing teeth, the jaw, and the smile takes a great deal of attention to detail and consideration of risk factors such as ongoing gum disease, a propensity toward tooth decay, grinding or clenching, a bad bite and other oral habits. Mentorship with leading experts in holistic and biomimetic dentistry has enabled Dr. O'Malley to identify underlying issues that could affect the longevity of restorations and to address those issues in such a way that the work done lasts many, many years.

We follow a detailed process of treatment with each individual patient. When you work with Dr. O'Malley, you receive one-on-one care that is not often found in dentistry today. He will explain the issues you are facing and will lay out a systematic process through which your smile is fully restored the way it should be, mindful of the techniques and materials used to restructure teeth to their optimal strength.

Chances are that the dental care you have experienced thus far has not met your needs for lasting health, wellness and overall care. It is time to receive the personalized, holistic dentistry that you deserve with a Doctor that places the value of your quality of life at a premium over short-term cost savings.

Contact our office today to schedule your private consultation with a dentist who puts the time and energy into your smile that you deserve.

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