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2021 Update - Watch this Video First to Learn Exactly What to Do

Watch this Video First to Learn Exactly What to Do
Fill out this form if you would like to get the free course as well as a call/text back from my office. We can answer your questions and set you up with either a free xray evaluation where you email in all your xrays for a free evaluation or have you come in to see us in order to get a Full Mouth Series of Xrays done on our XTG system for $100, which comes with a free exam within approximately 1 week.
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  • Rating : 5
    "Dr. Paul O'Malley was one of the most knowledgeable,experienced and caring dentist I have ever been to. He removed all my silver mercury fillings with no pain and sensitivity. Brandon the office manager, was very helpful,professional, amazing. By far this was one of the most amazing experience I had at the dentist."

  • Rating : 5
    "Dr. Paul O'Malley is a wonderful dentist. He replaced my old mercury fillings and I have had no problems with them. He also bonded and fixed a crown I have had for years and it works perfectly......it sure makes chewing and eating more enjoyable! He is an amazing, awesome dentist and I would highly recommend him and his pleasant, personable staff!! Thank you for doing such a great job!"

  • Rating : 5
    "Dr. Paul O'Malley was a very knowledgeable and professional dentist. I had a very nice experience and a surprisingly painless time. Dr. O'Malley was very good at informing me of what was going on at all times and aptly answered all my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a competent and efficient Dentist."

  • Rating : 5
    "Dr. O'Malley is an awesome dentist, and he's also a great guy! My visit was comfortable and I got digital x-rays which are far less harmful than standard x-rays. Dr. Paul knows much more than just dentistry, he does bio-identical tooth repair and reconstruction. This helps one's immune system stay healthy rather than becoming weak from toxic materials used in traditional dental procedures. Go see Dr. Paul. You'll be glad you did!"

  • Rating : 5
    "I had a chipped bottom front tooth that I had gotten fixed with bonding by another dentist. He had also repaired a filling I had in the very back tooth. The bonding fell off after a few months. I didn't want to go back to that dentist so I went to another dentist in Burbank. After x-rays and exam, I was told I needed 2 veneers for the bottom front teeth, 1 root canal and 2 crowns for the back two teeth, for a total of $6,000. I wanted a 2nd opinion so a friend referred me to Paul. He was able to fix my chipped teeth with bonding rather than veneers (cheaper and less invasive) and it was done 200% better than the first dentist. The previous dentist had "fixed" my filling but had left a ton of decay in the tooth that was pretty deep. Paul was able to remove all the decay and put in a new filling instead of doing on a crown on it, saving most of the original tooth. And finally on the tooth that supposedly needed a root canal, he was able to remove all the decay and found that it had not yet affected the root so he did not recommend a root canal. He then did a porcelain onlay on that tooth instead of a crown. So he was able to save 2 of my teeth this way. And his price was literally HALF of the price I was quoted by the other dentist. He leans toward natural dentistry and uses organic and biodegradable materials. My experience with Dr. O'Malley is that he is professional and extremely pleasant and also gentle. No pain at all during my visits. Also no scare tactics, just the straight deal on what is the best option for your teeth. Highly recommended!"

  • Rating : 5
    "Dr. Paul O'Malley is not only an amazing dentist, but he is a person that genuinely cares about helping people with complex dental problems. Not only has he assisted me with some oral health issues, but I have seen his work with a wide range of complex dental procedures and his results are quite impressive."

  • Rating : 5
    "I don't think anyone would call going to the dentist a fun thing, but it is great when you find a good dentist that you can trust. As I have gotten older problems such as sensitivity and gum recession have become issues for me and I wanted a dentist that would really help me understand why these issues were developing and to get me on a real plan to handle the problems. Dr O'Malley is a unique find, he practices holistic dentistry and advanced cosmetic dentistry. To give better service he only works on one patient at a time, so you get his full attention. Just the first exam was 2-3 hours and the results were what I was looking for. He got me on a great treatment plan and is "quarterbacking" me through the program which involves a orthodontist and a periodontist as well. One thing to warn anyone, seemed bad but turned out good, is that he built his office inside of a professional dental lab. So it suffers on outside looks but this allows him to deliver super custom and precise repairs... so a good trade of fancy office looks for super results."

  • Rating : 5
    "To me Dr. O'Malley is one of the most knowledgeable and caring dentists I have ever met. He is really quite brilliant and has an incredibly friendly compassionate demeanor. He gives you the facts, and is not pushing one solution over another. He gives alternative solutions to problems, and then is honest about the best route he believes you should take for your dental and overall health. As an experienced patient who has done my homework and having gone through full dental revision of mercury, root canals, etc., I can speak with some authority. I have had dental treatments for over 50 years. I have had poor treatment, and good treatment. However, Dr. O'Malley is the best of the best. I find that he is very aware of any uncomfortable experience you may be going through right there when he is working on you and he gets right on top of it to get it under control. He knows all about cosmetic and holistic dentistry and I trust him 100%. He is not out for the money with fancy offices and high overhead. He is truly there for professional service which he delivers flawlessly. I believe he is at the very top of his profession and recommend him to anyone with any dental problem and regular dental care!"

  • Rating : 5
    "If anyone is thinking about transforming their smile, just know that if you work with Dr. O’Malley you will absolutely get the smile you have always wanted. He is so good at what he does, a consummate professional who has honed his craft to perfection. He treats you as an individual and really cares. You can trust in him to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. O’Malley loves his job. How can he not? He helps make dreams come true. He did for me."

  • Rating : 5
    "This dental experience was one of the most amazing things.

    The most discomfort I had during the entire visit was using the restroom. (Laugh) No pain, not even with the anesthetic injection – not a single pinch. Amazing! Not one time did I have pain when he was working. Best injections I’ve ever had. I felt the physical movements but Dr. O'Malley is a champ.

    He mentioned that he would make it as painless as possible and he kept his word. He was as gentle as he could possibly be and communicated everything as needed – really.

    Numbing has always been painful for me. In the past the dentist would numb the area, leave and come back after 10 minutes, and I could still feel. A couple more shots were needed to really numb me but every injection was painful.

    This was mind-boggling – even the initial needle – Zippo! What a technique! No pain – nothing! No time to wait for it to take effect.

    He began working right away after the injection and I started to freak out because I thought I was going to really feel it. The speed was amazing.

    I got instant service, instead of taking 2-3 hours it was forty-five minutes. I have to say it was like brushing my teeth to get those four teeth repaired.

    Thanks! I'm glad I came here."

  • Rating : 5
    "What a different dental experience!

    I was really impressed by the focus and attention I got from Dr O’Malley. Other dentists have always been preoccupied with other patients, procedures and office commotion in the office but this was a totally different experience.

    I had always viewed dentistry as a necessary evil but that has changed and I now see that natural, holistic dentistry can make a “night and day” difference.

    Thanks and I look forward to “teeth for life!”"

  • Rating : 5
    "Dr. O'Malley is an artist and a perfectionist. He does a perfect job. He will get you exactly what you want. All you have to do is tell him what you want and he will deliver just that. Done this way you will have complete satisfaction, and it will be technically correct.

    Also, the products that he uses are bio-compatible. It was so amazing to me that he’ll have you do a blood test with a lab to find out which products are bio-compatible with your body, and then he will use only these products. I find it amazing that anyone would take the time to actually find out what is healthy for you and then use only those.

    It's rare to find someone who is so conscientious."

  • Rating : 5
    "I went to UCLA for an opinion and consultation to see what my options were. Everything sounded like it would take months. I decided I didn't want the implants that they suggested, plus they were going to take out several teeth on the bottom, eight for the whole mouth. I decided to put it off.

    Then I got acquainted with Dr. O'Malley. I'm 82 and have had bone loss for a couple of years. The day I had the teeth extracted I felt well enough to go visiting! No complications whatsoever-and I only had to have 2 teeth extracted! We saved the rest.

    They look beautiful and I'm so thankful to Dr. O'Malley. I am a very satisfied customer."
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How it Works

1. Educate Yourself
I am not your average dentist. It's important you understand why dentistry is so bad and exactly what alternatives are available for you. It's also important that you learn a lot about PREVENTION, so that way we only need to do work on you once. My free course is the best way to do that. You can sign up for free at the bottom of this page. We require all new patients to go through the free course prior to getting their exam. If you would like a list of the free course videos so that you can move through them faster, simply call, email or text in and Brandon can send that to you.
Dental X-Rays for a Free Evaluation
2. Send in Xrays for Free Evaluation or Come in for $100 Full Mouth Series
If you have a Full Mouth Series of xrays from the past year, send them in for a FREE evaluation from Dr. O'Malley. If not then, just like the video at the top of each page states, you come in for $100 xrays and the evaluation is free. If you are currently in pain then call in and we can handle emergencies by using our network of referral doctors. We don't want to rush into treatment until the game plan is 100% worked out and the diagnosis is complete. Planning is key and you need to understand what is happening with your body.
3. See if We Are the Right Fit
As you are rolling through the free course and waiting for your xrays to be evaluated, Brandon, my office manager, is always available to answer questions via email or calling in. Our cost is around $900 per tooth for smaller restorations or $3,200 per tooth for larger restorations. We can help you file with your insurance but we do not file on your behalf. We do not do 1-tooth-dentistry but can give you a recommendation to other dentists who do. Call us, we will help! Whatever you need, we will try to give you the solution!
4. Come in For a Comprehensive In-Person Evaluation
My initial exam and xrays is $295 but if you paid for the $100 Full Mouth Series then it's only $195 (that amount comes off). We will get to know each other and also do a full 2-3 hour clinical examination. This step is NEVER rushed. You will have NO mysteries about your mouth and complex cases are VERY welcome. It's time to end your dental disaster once and for all. Compatibility between us is key before getting involved with treatment! I will print you a full treatment plan with pricing and sequences based on which areas are in the worst condition. Average treatment plans range from $5,000-$90,000.
5. Go Over the Finances and Begin
Your treatment plan is broken down and options are given to address your entire mouth as a system - section by section. I don't do "duct-tape dentistry" and I want a product of a healthy and functional mouth FOR LIFE, so please be ready to confront handling your mouth once and for all. We work with CareCredit, LendingClub, and we also have a list of great 0% credit card options. Any major work needs to be pre-paid prior to scheduling. Once your work is complete then I would like to get you using my products from Great Oral Health (www.greatoralhealth.com) to ensure you don't need any more work in the future.

For Out-of-Town Patients:

I LOVE to help patients that are coming in from out-of-town. We can have it so that we can do the most amount of work in the fastest period of time while also reducing the amount of appointments you need. If you want to, we can even start putting together a plan by using a combo of pictures and xrays over email/phone before you even fly in to see us. On the first appt we can do the full exam, xrays and impressions all within around 2 hours. Then we can prep everything and coordinate with any surgical aspects and lab work. Then, about 2-3 weeks later, we can bring you in for a very large appt to get everything rolling. We can even do 2 very large days back-to-back - like a Saturday and a Monday or a Friday and a Monday. Ideally, you can stay in town for a couple of days to verify we're all stable, then you can leave if you want. Then we would bring you back one more time for a weekend like that and we will generally be able to do most of your case in that time frame. If you're mainly veneers, it's a much easier case. But if you have a very complex case and quite a bit of complex decay, it can change the above but the basic layout is 1-2 large appts over a weekend every 2-4 weeks. But it all really comes down to what you want and how aggressively you want to complete work. In this way we can get a fully biomimetic restoration - giving you long-lasting functionality, aesthetics and comfort - while also compressing time to be as efficient as possible for you. I know you're busy and your time is VERY valuable and I will always work diligently to give you the best available dentistry while at the same time protecting your schedule and your personal life. All my dentistry is one-on-one so when you come in for your appointment, it's all about you. We're a team together in this project and I'm not running from room-to-room, you get my FULL attention to get a PERFECT product.

Type in your email address here for my free Holistic Dental Course via Email. It doesn't cost a dime and will protect you from bad dentistry. The videos come one per day for a series of days so if you want all the videos in a single email, please either call, text or email Brandon and he will send it all to you.

By submitting the above form you agree and accept our Privacy Policy.*