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Fill out this form if you would like to get the free course as well as a call/text/email back from my office. We can answer your questions and set you up with either a free xray evaluation where you email in all your xrays for a free evaluation or have you come in to see us in order to get a Full Mouth Series of Xrays and photography done on our XTG system (ultra-low radiation) for $100. This comes with a free phone exam within approximately 1 week where our office manager will go over the results of my examination of your xrays and photos.

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It doesn’t cost a dime and will protect you from bad dentistry. The videos come one per day for a series of days so if you want all the videos in a single email, please either call, text or email our office manager and he will send it all to you.


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How it works

How it works

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The educational process that we do with all of our patients is the “secret sauce” that helps me get you the best possible restorations and also helps to stabilize your mouth so you don’t need more work in the future. My free Holistic Dental Course is how we achieve that, one-for-one. Please sign up for that right away. We require all new patients to go through the free course prior to getting their full in-person exam wit me. If you would like a list of the free course videos so that you can move through them faster, simply call, email or text in and our office manager can send that to you.

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If you have a Full Mouth Series of xrays from the past year, send them in for a FREE evaluation from Dr. O’Malley. If not then, just like the video at the top of each page states, you come in for $100 xrays and the evaluation is free. If you are currently in pain then call in and we can handle emergencies by using our network of referral doctors. We don’t want to rush into treatment until the game plan is 100% worked out and the diagnosis is complete. Planning is key and you need to understand what is happening with your body.

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As you are rolling through the free course and waiting for your xrays to be evaluated, our office manager, my office manager, is always available to answer questions via email or calling in. Our cost is around $900 per tooth for smaller restorations or $3,200 per tooth for larger restorations. We can help you file with your insurance but we do not file on your behalf. We do not do 1-tooth-dentistry but can give you a recommendation to other dentists who do. Call us, we will help! Whatever you need, we will try to give you the solution!

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After we finish the $100 pre-examination (over the phone with xrays), then we book the full in-person evaluation with me for $195. We will get to know each other and also do a full 2-3 hour clinical examination. This step is NEVER rushed. You will have NO mysteries about your mouth and complex cases are VERY welcome. It’s time to end your dental disaster once and for all. Compatibility between us is key before getting involved with treatment! I will print you a full treatment plan with pricing and sequences based on which areas are in the worst condition. Average treatment plans range from $5,000-$90,000.

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Your treatment plan is broken down and options are given to address your entire mouth as a system – section by section. I don’t do “duct-tape dentistry” and I want a product of a healthy and functional mouth FOR LIFE, so please be ready to confront handling your mouth once and for all. We work with CareCredit, Proceed Finance, and we also have a list of great 0% credit card options. Any major work needs to be pre-paid prior to scheduling. While we are doing your treatment, I would like to get you using my products from Great Oral Health ( to ensure you don’t need any more work in the future.

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