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Value vs. Price

Dental care is a vital part of our health, longevity, and our overall quality of life. Yet, far too often the choices we make in our dental care are based upon discounted prices rather than upon the true long-term cost to our wallets and well being when a short-term view is taken.

Yes, price is important but as one of the richest men on the planet, Warren Buffet, says "Price is what you pay, value is what you get."

It is no different with taking care of your teeth properly. Not only does cheap dental care lead to future repairs but it can also lead to the loss of teeth and a great loss in the quality of your life. With poor oral health linked to multiple serious health conditions there really is not much savings in being sick!

In life we see this in action all the time. One purchases a cheap appliance and in a couple of months the plastic bearing gives out and the appliance is useless. Not only do you lose the use of the machine, now you have to replace it. Or you could buy a quality, well-built appliance and enjoy excellent use for years, even decades!

One big difference, however, is that you live with your teeth 24/7 and they are hopefully a functioning part of your entire life span.

Your smile is a part of you that you just can't sell and upgrade when you get tired of it or it stops performing well. A smile that looks unattractive will cost you your self-esteem. Teeth that are damaged from disease and decay can cost you much more – your health and quality of life.

It is a sad fact that inexpensive dental care is easy to find. Like the low-end vehicle, low-cost dental care will be put together using the cheapest materials. Workmanship, as well, will not be performed to the meticulous manner it needs to be in order to support oral function for more than a few years. This is the best-case scenario of low-cost dental care. We have seen much worse.

When the inexpensive dental work fails, as it will, there are additional costs for further repair. The extent of damage – and cost - Is not easy to estimate until it actually occurs. Let's look at a crown as an example.

Dr. Paul O'Malley has continually sought solutions that will provide his patients with the most lifelike, least traumatic, and longest lasting results. Over several decades of practicing holistic and biomimetic dentistry, he has repaired hundreds of teeth that had been previously treated with low-cost materials and techniques.

Our Los Angeles practice is ideal for the patient who is ready to receive the high standard of dental care they deserve. One-on-one attention is one of the most important aspects of our practice. We do not schedule multiple patients in a short time span. When you visit us, you are our sole focus. We take the time to get to know you and your dental needs. Dr. O'Malley performs a full sixty-point evaluation during your first visit, enabling him to identify potential problems and destructive habits.

Truly personalized dentistry takes into consideration your lifestyle and oral care habits, your bite, your oral structure, and tendency toward certain conditions. Something is to be said for a dentist who has taken the time to understand each part of the tooth and, more importantly, learned how to repair teeth so that they last a lifetime. In this, there is true value.

We all know that we get what we pay for. In dentistry, you are paying for much more than an object, you are investing into your smile, a part of you that will enhance or hinder your self-confidence and your health.

The price of dental care with Dr. O'Malley includes much more than an exam or a restoration. It includes the quality of care you need to keep your smile in the best possible condition. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss with you our value-based methods of preserving, enhancing, and restoring teeth. Contact our office today.


When you hear that a dental practice "accepts your insurance," it simply means that the office files a claim on your behalf to your insurance company. We do not bill your insurance company for you, but we can assist in filling out claim forms for to submit on your own. All you have to do is mail the form, then follow-up with your insurance company to make sure the claim is paid.

Please remember this – insurance generally pays only for work that is considered "medically necessary" by their definition. Many holistic, biomimetic, and mercury-removal services are not covered, as they are not considered medically necessary by insurance carriers. You can call your insurance company to get "pre-approval" on a claim. However, pre-approved is not a guarantee of payment. We prefer to devote the effort, time, and attention to YOU, rather than to navigating the maze of difficulties included in "accepting" insurance.

Insurance is a simple game – bring in more money than is paid out. Insurance contract language is intentionally difficult to understand to prevent the insurance company from having to pay claims. Insurance gets between the patient and doctor, creating situations where "do you take my insurance" becomes more important than giving you excellent service.

After reading countless books on sales, marketing and business, I realized that money is never truly the reason why a person can or cannot do a service. It is simply the building of value. Imagine this: The person you care about more than anyone else in the world is dying. He or she will be dead in a week if you don't help to raise $50,000 for treatment of a life-threatening health complication. How fast would you be able to come up with that money? Human characteristics of necessity and desire are senior to money, in terms of power. It is sad that they have somehow taken a back seat in the world of healthcare.

We do not support large insurance companies that don't care about your health. We do not believe in green pieces of paper that can be exchanged for goods and services. We don't feel that these things should be key points in your decision to see us. We believe in your necessity and desire, and your ability to differentiate the best decisions for your health and the health of the people that you love.

This is why we place such high importance on delivering good educational materials. We take responsibility for the fact that there is not much information available that isn't either horribly boring, or far too technical to understand.


In a country where insurance controls the scene and has healthcare in a death grip, I would like to take this moment to say something with a little more depth regarding insurance.

When you go to a dental office that accepts insurance, you need to know certain things that will greatly affect your quality of care.

The first of the these is that the insurance company only pays the doctor a percentage of what he would normally charge for a service. This is why when you go into a low-end insurance office (such as an HMO office) you see a ton of dental chairs and will only see the doctor for a few minutes at the end of your appointment.

The doctor, in order to make the same amount as he/she would doing a service, has to see 3 times as many people. So the office, naturally, has to become a "mill" in order to make any money. The doctor has to hire people and then just runs in-between each room to double-check everything and say hi.

This model creates a situation that is very impersonal and, by necessity, gives you a low quality of dental care.

The reason why I wanted to let you know about this is because, as the patient, you need to be INFORMED so that you can make the best decision for your health.

It's not that the dentist running this office doesn't care about your specific health, the true problem that creates this is that the doctor chose to run his office based on insurance rather than based on the health and care of the patient. Then he or she gets used to and figures out a system and then just repeats it with no time or interest in improvement.

This type of office also requires the dentist to go at 100 miles-per-hour all day long 5-6 days a week in order to hit the quotas needed in order to pay himself and his staff enough to keep the office humming along.

This creates "burn-out" in the dentist. He or she will only do the bare minimum of continuing education and will, most likely, continue to do the exact same style of dentistry with little to no improvement.

He or she doesn't want to have ANYTHING to do with dentistry while "off the clock" because it becomes stressful and, eventually, a grind. Some dentists even feel "trapped in their office" because they get so deep into the insurance machine that they lose their interest and personal love for their profession.

This entire climate, combined with patients having little to nothing available to educate themselves, creates a situation where you have the exact same dental techniques being used today as over 100 years ago.

BUT there are a small handful of dentists who are out there who refuse to break down and shackle themselves to this system. It's not just us.

We dream of a better day where dentistry, like it was many years ago, is based on patient health and the patient having a choice because of PERSONAL PREFERENCE. This climate naturally causes COMPETITION in the marketplace and causes dentists to be "on their toes" as to new ways of delivery as well as forcing the marketplace to create aesthetic and consumable marketing and promotional activities that allow a patient to educate themselves on things that matter most like dental materials, techniques, chair-side manner, etc.

You don't buy a car based on the financing. It's a PART of the deal, but not the major part. What matters is how the car fits into your lifestyle. How does the car best represent you?

We want to earn your business because we fit your life and fit your needs.

We want to be that Mustang or Camaro that excites you every time you get in to drive it. Every time you eat or every time someone mentions about your wonderful smile we want to be in the back of your mind as such a wonderful experience that you can't help but tell them about us and how amazing your experience was. We want the experience with us to be so amazing that it causes you to smile and light up just over the thought of someone asking you "hey, do you know of a good dentist?"

We want to lead the way in a fight to get back what we believe is rightfully yours: your choice to educate yourself and decide what is best for YOU, not letting an insurance company choose for you.


Our cost is a little above the average, in terms of going to the dentist. If you are strictly a price shopper who places no value on high-quality dentistry, we recommend going to one of the dental schools such as UCLA.


We work with several third-party companies such as CareCredit and Lending Club. We do not offer payment plans. All work must be paid for at the time service is provided. Why? Because we only want patients who are 100 percent devoted to complete and utter health. We do not want people who are unsure about how important it is to have dental work that is 100 percent holistic and biomimetic.

We have many patients who borrow from family and friends for this level of care, or borrow against retirement funds, pensions, etc.


Our patients often become family because we provide one-on-one dentistry (patients are seen one at a time, ensuring the doctor's complete, personal attention). We do not and cannot service patients we are not totally devoted to full-body health, via the mouth.

There is a terrific mass of nerve endings in teeth. Barbaric conventional practices in dentistry grind down and butcher nerves, causing them to transmit danger and chaos through the whole body. Dentistry needs a facelift, but there is no necessity to do so, based on patient demand. Insurance companies have solidified this belief.

Computer companies change their technology by the day, sometimes by the hour, because consumers DEMAND it. There is no money in old technology. Dentistry is the total opposite. This will only change when you, the consumer, demands that inhumane practices be ceased. You do this simply by not paying for them. If you don't pay for them, they will be gone in the blink of an eye. We want a future where going to the dentist can be decent experience; not one that you regret.

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Make the decision that the subject of teeth and dentistry is not something you have to be a doctor to understand. Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." We operate entirely on that principle. We believe that only good is derived from explaining things to patients in a simple way. It is a respectful, professional approach.

After you spend some time educating yourself, please call us at 818-616-8838 to schedule your first visit. We would love to welcome you to our family of focused and obsessed (in a healthy way) patients who absolutely refuse to settle for cut-rate dentistry.

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