Brandon Joe Williams

Brandon Joe Williams
Office Manager

Brandon is quite the wild vanguard. He started working with me back in around November of 2015.

Back then, he had a very old motorcycle that was spray-painted green and had all the wires sticking out of one side.

He had experience building dental offices in New York City. I looked over his work and was quite impressed. I decided to take him on as an Office Manager.

Over the years, he was the brainchild that developed most of the marketing that you see here, such as the entire Holistic Dental Course, the website, any ads that you may have clicked to come here, etc. He also assists me in getting on podcasts, etc.… along with the day-to-day operations of the office.

We originally shot all the videos to the Holistic Dental Course videos back in March of 2018 and launched the course in April of 2018.

Since that time, we have noticed a direct connection with the worldwide interest in biomimetic dentistry and our course is shared quite often in anti root canal groups online (such as on Facebook), cancer groups, mother empowerment groups, natural healing groups, etc.

We have had over 30,000 people, worldwide, sign up for the course and Brandon is magnificent at orchestrating this entire machine that helps that to occur.

Due to all the interest and demand of the general public, at the rate things are going, biomimetic will become the standard of dental care (which will also bring the price of having it done way down). I am entirely in support of that.

Brandon barely speaks English… hahahaha I’m kidding.

Ynah Refuerzo

Ynah Refuerzo
Registered Dental Assistant

Ynah has been with me since around 2012. She is terribly loyal, and for that, she operates essentially like my personal assistant in the office as well.

Years ago, it was just Ynah and I working together in a small office. This is prior to Brandon beginning to work with me.

Ynah is specific and methodical – everything has a place, and she is as organized as can be.

She is a full-blown dentist from the Philippines, so even though she is licensed as a Registered Dental Assistant here, her experience is expansive.

Ynah speaks English and Tagalog.

Jenny Kozlova

Jenny Kozlova
Registered Dental Assistant

In October of 2020, Jenny began working for me. At that time, she was used to the extreme stress levels that are typical in a “normal” dental office.

Even some VERY high-end offices that she had worked in were highly stressful.

It took her some time to calm down and realize that dental offices don’t have to be a completely insane mess all the time.

She’s worked as a dental assistant all over the place for OVER 30 YEARS. Her experience is terrifically expansive.

She was a instructor as a dental assistant – she trained other assistants. She helped open an entire school and created an entire curriculum for training assistants.

She really enjoyed teaching.

She’s worked with endodontists, oral surgeons, anesthesiologists, endodontists, and orthodontists.

Now she is quite happy and enjoying being a backbone element of the office: helping to handle patients in each and every way possible.

Jenny speaks Russian and English.