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My Goal is To Save as Much Tooth Structure as Possible and Keep you Away from Crowns, Root Canals and Implants as Much as Possible.

My Goal is To Save as Much Tooth Structure as Possible and Keep you Away from Crowns, Root Canals and Implants as Much as Possible.

Dr. Pompa Podcast #2: The Bite and Why it is so Important

Dr. Pompa Podcast #2: The Bite and Why it is so Important

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Dr. Pompa Interviewing Me on Cellular Healing TV

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Wendy Myers Interviewing Me on Root Canals and How Dentistry Could be Killing You:

Wendy Myers Interviewing Me on Root Canals and How Dentistry Could be Killing You

Trust and Betrayal:

If you’re reading this website I know three things:

  1. You’ve realized that there is something VERY wrong with dentistry… possibly even with all of healthcare. You don’t understand why the idea of “fixing” a tooth is having to aggressively grind it down to a little nub. You also find it strange that absolutely any pain or discomfort is met with the recommendation for root canal. The more questions you ask, the darker the rabbit hole becomes as you realize something is VERY wrong with this industry. You may even have been invalidated or attacked by dentists, loved ones, etc for asking “too many questions” and not “trusting” in the doctors or system.
  2. Because of your realizations in point #1, you realize that you have been betrayed by the healthcare system. Most likely pretty severely. You’re skeptical not only about dentists at this point, but all doctors to some degree. I’m here to tell you that you are 100% right and my industry has such poor technology that it makes me want to put my face in my hands and weep (my Value vs Price page on this website explains why dentistry is so awful by the way).
  3. You’re looking for someone you can trust. And, most likely, your hope to find that person is hanging on by a thread. You might view this website and my free course as water in the desert… many of you have been searching for many years. I’m very sad to hear that but I’m here to try and be what you have been looking for – not necessarily just because I want to sell more dentistry, but because I truly believe that my industry is stone age and needs a serious reboot. I don’t want to sell services that leave my patients butchered… meaning in a situation where they have the same (or worse) problems than where they began.

I have made patients like you my specialty.

How I have done that is basically transformed my entire website and my entire presentation of who I am and what I can do for you into something educational.

Yes, at times my material may seem slightly “sales-pitchy,” but overall my main focus is to try and educate you as best as I can.

The truth is that I need a co-pilot (you!). This is how we’re going to achieve real PEACE OF MIND.

I need someone that is ready and willing to move forward to help me to help themselves. I want you excited even if you’re, naturally, pretty scared.

Per the Online Macmillan dictionary, trust is defined as:

a feeling of confidence in someone that shows you believe they are honest, fair, and reliable

Betrayal is defined as:

if you betray someone’s trust, you do harm to them when they have trusted you

For patients in your situation, I know that you are going to want to do a lot of research and try to understand me for some time from some distance before you are going to be willing to talk to me about diving in and comprehensively handling your teeth… and I understand completely.

I promise to never betray your trust. I will work hard to educate you and make you comfortable. I want you to understand every part of what will be happening, have no questions, be in full agreement and even be excited about the transformation that is about to take place.

This is exactly why I have made my free course (which I hope you have already signed up for at the top or bottom of this page).

I would like it very much if you looked around the various pages of my website, signed up to free course and took some time to make yourself comfortable with what I do and how I am different.

Because this is not going to be just a disconnected patient/dentist relationship, this is more intimate than that – perfection is the only option. When you see how I use biomimetic dentistry and combine it with bio-compatible materials you’re going to say the same thing that almost everyone says when they call in:

I wish I would have know about you ______ years ago!

The truth is, this level of dentistry has not been available for that long. And you need to clean out the cobwebs of old-school hack-and-fill dentistry in order to make room for the incredible world of biomimetic.

It’s the end of you having to go to the dentist once (or more) per year to get work done.

It’s the end of root canals, losing teeth, ugly teeth, teeth that can easily get infected, etc.

Biomimetic is the first time ever that allows dentists to actually offer peace of mind as part of the service.

This is seriously what you have been waiting for: the technology to restore your mouth in a way that is healthy, beautiful and stable.

The reason why is because a biomimetic restoration protects the nerves of the teeth and eliminates any need to do heavy grinding that can often result in root canals.

Even cosmetic work, like veneers, can be built up biomimetically, layer-by-layer, creating a much stronger bond with the veneer and also sealing and protecting the tooth underneath and leaving behind most of your tooth so that you never have to worry about putting on a new veneer way down the line at some point and not having enough tooth left (a common problem they don’t tell you when getting veneers done).

Because, look… once you get those root canals and crowns done unnecessarily, there is no turning back. The damage is done and you need to prevent that sort of thing from happening. Otherwise you may be fighting complications from those procedures for the rest of your life. The price tag may gleam in the light, but 10 years down the line there is a very good chance that you will regret your decision more than you can ever imagine.

I do live demonstrations in the free course (on a clay model, not on a person) so please sign up right away at the bottom of this page. Once you SEE it, you will be absolutely blown away. Words don’t do it justice.

It’s All About YOU:

Over the past several years of having my own practice in Encino, I have learned a lot about the usual kind of patient that has an interest in both beautiful and functional biomimetic dentistry.

It is typically women over the age of 55 who have spent a vast majority of their life taking care of their family and being the queen of her castle.

Generally, you have spent much of your life taking care of all the people around you and leaving your own needs on the back burner.

Now, it’s your turn. You are finally excited and ready to do something for yourself and give yourself something wonderful.

But even beyond all that… frankly… women tend to be a much more specific and careful consumers when it comes to dental work than men.

Men also do definitely reach out and desire this kind of work. Typically, men are more of the “if it doesn’t hurt, then it isn’t a problem” mentality.

These words are obviously generalizations… but from the past several years of operating in Los Angeles, I would say the above information accounts for a vast majority of what I have learned. Women tend to be more of the “perfectionist” mindset (especially when spending a large amount of money) and that works well with me because that’s exactly how I think as well. In dentistry, that sort of perfectionist mindset can be terribly difficult to find.

What I specialize in (and what makes me happy) is making your teeth LOOK and FEEL so good that you forget you’ve had work done and no one else can tell they aren’t your natural teeth. My greatest compliment ever is when I have patients that tell me that no one can tell that they have had work done because it looks so natural. That allows you, as the patient, to tell people if you want to or simply just keep it more private. The whole world should not see an advertisement on your face that you have had work done. Your smile should look more like a fully natural set of teeth where you simply took really good care of your teeth all these years.

When you meet someone and they have a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smile, they just seem like someone more trustworthy. In Los Angeles, there is a lot of really gawdy work that doesn’t look good at all. It shocks me sometimes when I find out how much people pay for work that simply does not compliment their face and personality.

Prior to the entire Covid situation, about 35% of my patients were flying in from out of town. That is slowly starting to happen now again but is much less than it was prior. I have many patients who drive to see me 2-3 hours… that includes San Diego.

The wildest and most intense situation I have ever seen was a husband and wife, both of whom are practicing surgeons themselves, traveled from Finland with their 3 children during the height of Covid to come and see me. Quite extreme.

I truly enjoy the “teammate” experience that we get to have once you complete my free Holistic Dental Course. I enjoy the fact that you, as the patient, truly comprehend much of what is happening, and you are able to give me valuable feedback in order to achieve the highest levels of technical perfection.

In my office, I know that you are coming here well-educated, generally, and also very intelligent. This is exactly what I want. I want you to understand the treatment and have a say with what happens.

If you want to say, “Whatever you think is best, Doc,” no problem. But I prefer if you were a bigger part of what occurs. This is not some minor detail. This decision is going to dramatically affect every area of your life.

Imagine yourself lighting up the room when you smile.

Imagine you never again having to worry about your teeth or mouth.

Imagine other people smiling when you smile because your warm, natural beautiful smile is absolutely contagious.

Imagine no longer feeling self-conscious about your smile.

Imagine no longer worrying about your teeth getting worse or losing them.

Imagine being able to comfortably chew and talk without issues.

Biomimetic is the technology that’s going to get you there. What we are doing daily today would be considered impossible or “a miracle” by conventional dentistry standards.

You can have it all. And it can happen FAST too. It’s the best of all worlds, and it’s the future of dentistry.

I’m very excited to meet you and very excited to give you a fresh look at dentistry – a look that most of my patients thought they might never find.

Experience and skill cannot be bought, it is earned through time, hard work, dedication and commitment to one’s trade.
In my case, I have:


Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Delivered and placed well over 10,000 cosmetic dental veneers, creating hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, comfortable, safe and healthy smiles for individuals across America.



I have delivered over 12,000 dentures, this experience has given me a full understanding and competency in building aesthetic, functional and comfortable smiles that fully demonstrate the concept that form follows function.


Years Experience

This great depth of experience over the years (holistic, biomimetic, cosmetic and reconstructive) has taught me the full art and science of creating custom smiles.

This experience has also taught me the exactness of TMJ and Occlusion guidelines and how to translate those guidelines into functional solutions.

I am a member of the following associations.

I have remained committed to ongoing and continual education and training

  • In 1984 I graduated from the esteemed Creighton University School of Dentistry.
  • Later I completed a Residency at the Baylor University in Texas, in Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Six years was spent practicing and learning in one of the premier Cosmetic Dentistry practices in the United States, located in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Logging well over 1000 hours in continuing education, and this is an ongoing commitment.
  • The pursuit of studies with a number of the great technical dentists of our time: namely Dr. Dickerson, Dr. Kois, Dr. Spear and Dr. Dawson.
  • Became fully laser-trained and can perform laser healing and cosmetic laser dental procedures.
  • I am one of a handful of dentists worldwide that are trained and certified in Biomimetic Dentistry

Additionally, this has meant a dedication to holistic dentistry. This involves taking into account the bigger picture of an individual’s health and how oral care integrates into overall wellness. It means a commitment to the following:

Icon for Minimally Invasive Procedures

It is far easier and more economical for a dentist to “over drill” and practice invasive procedures that remove excessive amounts of your natural enamel and tissue. The problem is that invasive techniques are not only more painful but they create weaker teeth, contribute to ongoing discomfort and lead to early failure of repairs… requiring MORE work and potentially endangering the tooth.

Icon for Biomimetic Dentistry:

This style of dentistry works to replicate the patterns and structures that Nature has evolved to build your naturally strong and healthy teeth. (Bio is life and Mimetic is to copy) It involves using exact removal techniques to treat zones of tooth decay removal steps and a precise approach to the layered rebuilding/ sculpting of teeth. This technique closely mimics Mother Nature’s engineering of the inner and outer tooth anatomy as well as the tissue structure of a healthy tooth. Aside from the longevity and comfort of these repairs I have been able to save 1000’s of individuals from needing a root canal by the use of biomimetic procedures.

Icon for Mercury-free and Mercury-Safe Dentistry:

It has been well over two decades since I placed my last mercury fillings, aka “silver amalgams.” There is NO reason to use mercury fillings in your mouth. Besides the obvious fact that mercury is not something to put in your mouth, they are too rigid and can cause cracking and fracturing on the tooth. It is also CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that exact and safe procedures be followed when removing or replacing old mercury fillings. I am specifically trained and have the proper equipment to ensure a safe mercury removal process for you. (I have been a member of the IAOMT since 1993)

Icon for Biocompatible Materials

While not necessary for everyone it is still quite common, and important, to test the dental materials for compatibility with your body. Your teeth are in near constant use and a part of your life, 24/7. There are hundreds of different dental materials and compounds, and incompatibility can lead to physical issues. I employ the use of biocompatibility testing, as necessary, to determine the best-suited materials to use in your dental repairs.

Icon for My commitment to helping others

Dentistry Encino - Oarl health LogoMy commitment to helping others enjoy better lives through healthier mouths does not stop at my practice door. Roughly ten years ago I began researching and developing a line of powerful and natural oral health care products. I realized that as a single dentist I could only help a limited number of individuals BUT by creating and making available superior oral health care products, and education, I could literally reach millions.

This project grew into an oral health care company that opened its doors and began selling products. The company is called GREAT ORAL HEALTH and our products sell on our website and via Amazon. Its mission is to have a worldwide impact upon the epidemic of gum disease, tooth decay and general poor oral health. For more detailed information on our Great Oral Health products please see:

Dentistry Encino - Oarl health Logo

Advanced Oral Probiotics – Mint Flavor

Our most popular flavor, fresh and minty. A super blend of oral probiotics, with SEVEN powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, along with potent minerals to aid in remineralizing your enamel. A full 60 tablets in each bottle makes for the best value in oral probiotics!


Advanced Oral Probiotics – Strawberry/Vanilla Flavor

Great Oral HealthWith all natural strawberry and vanilla flavors this is are real winner for many of our customers. Also a great probiotic blend, with SEVEN powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, along with potent minerals to aid in remineralizing your enamel. A full 60 tablets in each bottle makes for the best value in oral probiotics!

Advanced Oral Probiotics – Kids Probiotics

For KidsGive your kids and teenagers the probiotic boost they need to fight off gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay–while providing great protection against colds, sore throats & ear and sinus infections. In a great strawberry flavor that kids love and loaded with the probiotic strains BLIS K-12 and M18 that have proven clinical results for kids.