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About Dr. Paul O'Malley

Safe Mercury Removal

Silver-colored fillings contain about 50 percent mercury. As a member of the IAOMT, we follow strict guidelines for safe mercury removal; techniques that protect the patient, dental staff, and environment. It is called the SMART technique.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If your mouth is a complete disaster, we want to tackle the whole thing HEAD-ON. It starts with a comprehensive 60-point evaluation of teeth, gums, muscles, and joints, arriving at a step-by-step plan to help you have a functional smile for life.

Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

Natural Cosmetic Dentistry

It's time to get beautiful in a natural way. We specialize in giving you a smile that people can't tell it's not your natural teeth. Delicate, yet precise feminine teeth for a woman and strong, masculine teeth for a man work with your facial structure to create the type of social message you want
Holistic/Biomimetic Restorations

Holistic/Biomimetic Restorations

Say goodbye to crowns and hello to biomimetic dentistry. We don't need a root canal even if the decay is "close to the root."

Bringing Dentistry Out of the Ice Age

My office is unique, and our services are NOT for everyone. My style and level of care is best-suited to a specific type of dental patient. Please read the following section to see if that patient is you:


I specialize in saving your natural teeth. I also concentrate on helping patients avoid root canals. I NEVER grind teeth down to place a crown, but I will replace old metal crowns if requested by the patient. Crowns can cause complications, so I only do onlays, and reduce teeth no more than ABSOLUTELY necessary by using biomimetic technology.

I do not offer cleanings to patients until ALL their mercury fillings are completely removed, as cleaning teeth with amalgam fillings releases a tremendous amount of mercury.


By saving your natural teeth, I help you save money in the long term. You can learn more about this on my Value vs Price page.

My four areas of expertise, and main areas of focus, are:
  1. Safe removal of mercury fillings
  2. Complex full-mouth reconstruction
  3. Ultra-thin veneers
  4. Biomimetic and holistic restorations

I perform many other services such as dentures, implants, bridges, etc, but any surgeries that need to be done would be referred to a specialist and overseen by myself. I generally give EXPLICIT instructions to the specialist to make sure your services are as holistic as possible and also minimally-invasive.

I work with vetted professionals who have proven to me, time and time again, that they know what they are doing.


Your first appointment with me is $295. This includes x-rays, a full 60-point examination, and about 1.5 hours (it can often run over and there is no charge for that).

The product of my exam is: all the details and a sequence of what you need to do to have a full, functional and healthy mouth for life – without having to sacrifice your general health to achieve it. I will have every facet of your treatment plan covered, including referral to any service we do not perform in-house. I personally oversee your entire treatment plan, and we coordinate everything for you.

If you are coming to see us ONLY for cosmetic procedures, I offer a free 30-minute consultation. It is only offered if you need no restorative work – just cosmetic treatments. This would not include a full exam or xrays. This is only an option is you have NO restorative work in your mouth and you are only looking to change the appearance of your teeth.

My entire exam process is based on the three reasons people lose their teeth. These are:
  1. Cavities
  2. Gum disease
  3. Bad bite


Both my office manager and myself are specially trained in handling patients who have anxiety or difficulty encountering dental treatment. A vast number of people fall into this category, and we believe this is an important way to set ourselves apart from other practices.

All dentistry in my office is done slowly and even the anesthetic procedure is done slowly. I'm not running in-between operatories and going 500 miles per hour.

When I'm with a patient, it takes the time it takes.

This is the EXACT reason why most dentists don't deliver TRUE biomimetic services: they simply don't think they have the time.

The only way to be truly biomimetic is by giving plenty of time.

Quote left I Specialize in Full Mouth Restorations and Natural
Cosmetic Dentistry Using a Minimally Invasive Approach Quote right,

How it Works

1. Educate Yourself
I am not your average dentist. It's important you understand what I do so that you can make an educated decision on treatment after your exam. My free course is the best way to do that. You can sign up for free below.
2. Submit a Form or Call In
Submitting a form is best way to contact us and also allows you to recieve my free course. But you are also welcome to call or text the number at the top of the page anytime.
3. See if We Are the Right Fit
Call us and we can go over ballpark financing over the phone and answer some of your questions. Our average cost is about $500-2200 per tooth and we can help you file with your insurance but we do not file on your behalf
4. Come in For a 90 Minute Exam
My initial exam and xrays is $295. If you already have a full-mouth series of xrays in the last 6 months, send it to me and that exam is only $135! You will have NO mysteries about your mouth and complex cases are welcome.
5. Go Over Financing and Begin
Your treatment plan is broken down and options are given to HANDLE YOUR ENTIRE MOUTH. I don't do "duct-tape dentistry" and I want a product of a healthy and functional mouth FOR LIFE, so please be ready to confront large sections of your mouth or the entire mouth.

If you Aren't Ready for a Call Back, Type in Your Email Address Here for my Free Dental Education Course via Email. It Doesn't Cost a Dime and Will Protect You From Bad Dentistry