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Full-Mouth Reconstruction: You've Avoided Your Mouth Long Enough. It's Time to Confront Your Mouth on a Gradient. I Can Help You.

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Our Philosophy:

You're terrified. You've had multiple dentists and bad experiences or you swore off ever going again and now it's been years or possibly even decades.

You've had dentists who butchered you with mercury fillings, crowns, root canals and just plain poor service. You stepped away from the industry because you looked around and it all seemed the same because all dentists were doing the same thing. And you were right because 98% of them ARE doing the same thing.

Avoiding the dentist is no longer an option. You don't know enough to be able to feel confident in making a decision when it comes to the subject of TRUST.

I get it. I'm not here to "hard sell" you into being our patient. The only way you're ever going to handle that overwhelming fear is to get educated and enlightened.

And I don't mean with someone else, I mean you need to go on the internet and look up information and videos on the subject and learn some of the basics on your own. That's the only way you will be able to stay calm and collected regarding the emotional side of this whole decision.

This is why I made my holistic dental course and I offer it for free.

In my office, we get it: full-mouth reconstruction is an EXTREMELY difficult decision; it's expensive, emotional, painful and horrible. But the reason why you would even still be reading this webpage is because you know that the only thing worse than all of those aspects is the idea of losing all your teeth and being in agonizing pain and misery.

I could sit here and tell you about all the doom and gloom of infection and unmanaged full-mouth difficulties, but you don't need that. You're already scared to point of complete stasis; to a level where you don't know if you're coming or going.

We can help you… if you're ready emotionally, physically and even spiritually. We won't drag you kicking and screaming.

I don't grind your teeth down and butcher your roots and your mouth. I don't butcher your health. We work with you one-on-one and we hold your hand through the entire procedure. You need a team of people you can trust because this is not a process that is easy to go through alone.

Ideally you can choose a loved one to come with you when you come to see us for your first appointment who we can appoint as your "Dentistry Support." It will actually make a HUGE difference.

How it's Done:

First and foremost, we have a promise to you that I would like to make very clear:


This is how we operate and we are not interested in bringing you in every 6 months and telling you that you need a filling here and a crown here, etc.

I want you DONE and that buys you the most precious thing you can have in your mouth: peace of mind.

I've seen so many people try to save a few bucks on their dentistry and instead they pay in sweat and tears from watching a tooth break here or something fall out there. It’s not fun.

Peace-of-mind has a value and being able to take your attention off your mouth and put it on more important things needs to also be weighed against the cost of doing it all at once.

My initial consultation and exam process takes you through a 60-point checklist. Your first visit is likely to be like no other dental exam you have experienced, including a thorough evaluation of teeth, gums, the jaw muscles, and joints, and various other structures.

This is a no-nonsense exam: you will no longer be in mystery about the condition of your mouth. You will not be wondering if we are recommending work that doesn’t really need to be done because I HATE that and we quit using any doctors we refer to if we catch them doing that.

My entire exam process is based on the three reasons people lose their teeth. These are:
  1. Cavities
  2. Gum disease
  3. A Bad bite

The data gathered during our comprehensive first visit is used to draw up a recommendation of care. This goes beyond simply planning for the replacement of missing teeth or the correction of a bad bite. This includes a step-by-step and sequence-by-sequence complete rebuild of everything you need. Full mouth reconstruction performed in my office seeks to give you back the smile you once had. Going beyond aesthetics, we want you to feel your best, to be able to chew and to digest food properly and speak with clarity and confidence.

After the initial consultation and examination in which photographs, impressions, and imaging take place, the various factors that relate to your smile will be analyzed.

In one of the best dental labs in America (right here in beautiful Southern California), a wax-up, or model of your restored smile will be made. This is important because I need to make sure I restore your mouth with the absolutely minimum amount of grinding.

Sometimes I will have the patient also go to the lab in order to make sure that all specifications are absolutely perfect (if necessary).

I don’t mess around with imperfections, “it’s either perfect or it gets sent back to the lab” is my motto and we’re proud of that.

If necessary, a referral or referrals to specialists can be made. We use many specialists that do only one specific thing and have been for a long time. We only use seasoned professionals.

This process CAN take several months to complete. We may need to address the issue of ongoing gum disease before we can safely replace missing teeth with implants, implant-supported dentures, or other service suited to your needs.

But I want to move as quickly as possible with you. If I can get you done in a month or two then I will, but it's not always possible.

Biocompatibility is another factor we consider. Every person has his or her own unique biochemistry. We often perform Clifford Materials Testing as a way to ensure we use only well-suited materials in restorations such as onlays.

If you’re going to spend this much money on your mouth, you want to be 100% POSITIVE that there will not be any strange reactions to any of the materials used.

Crowns and Root Canals:

Crowns have been used for over a century, but we now have far better ways to rebuild teeth in the way nature intended. With the technology I have learned, crowns are stone-age and I don’t ever need to place them (unless you have teeth that are already crowned and need repair).

I also do not recommend root canals on teeth unless we can prove they are actively and CURRENTLY infected. If I can't be sure then I'll send you to a specialist to be sure.

Many times a doctor will recommend a root canal on a tooth where decay is “close to the root.” This is ridiculous as the root is not yet infected.

But, if we ABSOLUTELY need to do a root canal, we can, using biomimetic dentistry, rebuild the tooth after the root canal in a way where BACTERIA CAN NOT GET DOWN INTO THE ROOT AT ALL.

This means we can do the root canal without crowning the tooth and then rebuild the tooth biomimetically and seal it up like a tomb! This allows us to lengthen the amount of time that we can buy you before we need to start getting into implants.

If we can root canal your tooth and seal it up biomimetically it WILL last and will be much healthier than a traditional dental root canal (I give the specialist explicit instructions on what materials to use and how to do the procedure). Then we can watch that tooth and help it, hopefully, last 15-25 years or so before it MAY need to be removed and an implant placed.

This saves you a LOT of money and allows us to wait quite a while before getting into complicated (and expensive) surgeries. We usually tell our patients that, with the way we restore the teeth, you should not need to do much with them and they will last somewhere MANY years if rebuilt with biomimetic and holistic procedures.

This is UNHEARD OF in the field of dentistry but that’s why we’re so excited about what we do! We’re changing the face of dentistry and using these technologies we can create healthy smiles that last a REALLY long time.

Implants and Full-Mouth Reconstruction:

Many of our holistically minded patients actually prefer to avoid having anything foreign inserted into the body but sometimes there are really not any other options. Ideally, we can simply save your teeth and avoid implants entirely. In all situations, I accommodate patient wishes and work to achieve the desired outcome.

But, as long as we do a blood reactivity test (www.ccrlab.com), we won’t have to worry about your body rejecting the implants. Also, using high-end materials will keep your body happy and keep it from having a problem with the implant being placed.

One day we will be able to regrow teeth using stem cells or something else. That may not be that far into the future. But for now, implants are often the best choice for a situation where something like a bridge might not be an option.

Due to the prevalence of implants and the demand for low-cost care, numerous manufacturers have "watered-down" their titanium. While cost saving, this practice can only put the patient at a disadvantage when it comes to integration with bone and long-term success.

I don’t mess around with cheaper materials and we don’t even offer “cheaper alternatives” as an option.

There are PLENTY of places where you can find cheap and cut-rate dentistry. That doesn’t require much SKILL.

I want to be prideful in my work and provide a unique and rare service: full-mouth reconstruction where the product is as cosmetically beautiful as possible while also doing the least amount of damage and allowing for the longest life of the tooth.

Orthodontics and Full-Mouth Reconstruction:

If the bite is part of the problem, we will discuss what may be accomplished with orthodontic treatment.

I understand that many adults today would prefer to avoid braces, even the most discreet models.

Sometimes you will have to finish orthodontics before we can restore the rest of your mouth. Often times veneers are also an option rather than doing braces. With Ultra-Thin Veneers we can reshape the teeth and straighten them without having to prepare hardly any tooth structure.

Veneers can also be used for restorative purposes; for example, front teeth that have lots of decay can be handled with veneers and it will create a strong tooth that also looks great and we only have to grind away the decay and can leave a lot of healthy tooth structure. Veneers can often, if built up properly, have the same restorative qualities of other restorations but look AMAZING and give you a beautiful smile for the same price.

In Closing:

Stop worrying about your mouth.

I hear about the “horror stories” people have had going to their previous dentists all the time.

Yes, I understand you.

Or maybe you just neglected your teeth for a long time.

I understand that too.

We are different and I want to show you. You just need to find the right dentist.

Sitting around and waiting in fear is not going to get you anywhere.

At least come in and meet me and my team, you will be happy you did.

Don't wait for your mouth to get any worse. Sign up for my free course and get a callback from my office manager!

How it Works

1. Educate Yourself
I am not your average dentist. It's important you understand what I do so that you can make an educated decision on treatment after your exam. My free course is the best way to do that. You can sign up for free below. You can also watch my Dr. Pompa interview on my About the Doctor page.
2. Submit a Form or Call In
Submitting a form is best way to contact us and also allows you to receive my free course. We generally are booking 1-4 weeks out for new patients. Due to heavy volume from my Dr. Pompa interview, it may take longer than expected to hear back from us. Please enjoy my free course in the mean time! I made it for YOU.
3. See if We Are the Right Fit
We can go over ballpark financing over the phone and answer some of your questions. Our cost is around $800 per tooth for smaller restorations or $2,400 per tooth for larger restorations. We can help you file with your insurance but we do not file on your behalf. We do not do 1-tooth-dentistry but can give you a recommendation to other dentists who do. Call us, we will help!
4. Come in For a 90 Minute Exam
My initial exam and x-rays is $295. We will get to know each other and also do a full 90 minute clinical exam. This step is NEVER rushed. You will have NO mysteries about your mouth and complex cases are VERY welcome. It's time to end your dental disaster once and for all. Compatibility between us is key before getting involved with treatment! I will print you a full treatment plan with pricing and sequencing. Average treatment plans range from $10,000-$65,000.
5. Go Over Financing and Begin
Your treatment plan is broken down and options are given to HANDLE YOUR ENTIRE MOUTH. I don't do "duct-tape dentistry" and I want a product of a healthy and functional mouth FOR LIFE, so please be ready to confront your entire mouth or large sections. Any scheduled work needs to be pre-paid prior to scheduling. This allows me to fix your mouth RAPIDLY (often in 4-6 weeks). We often book 4-10 hour appts to get you rolling FAST towards enjoying your new mouth.

For Out-of-Town Patients:

I LOVE to help patients that are coming in from out-of-town. We can have it so that we can do the most amount of work in the fastest period of time while also reducing the amount of appointments you need. On the first appt we can do the full exam, xrays and impressions all within around 2 hours. Then we can prep everything and coordinate with any surgical aspects and lab work. Then, about 2-3 weeks later, we can bring you in for a very large appt to get everything rolling. We can even do 2 very large days back-to-back - like a Saturday and a Monday or a Friday and a Monday. Ideally, you can stay in town for a couple of days to verify we're all stable, then you can leave if you want. Then we would bring you back one more time for a weekend like that and we will generally be able to do most of your case in that time frame. If you're mainly veneers, it's a much easier case. But if you have a very complex case and quite a bit of complex decay, it can change the above but the basic layout is 1-2 large appts over a weekend every 2-4 weeks. But it all really comes down to what you want and how aggressively you want to complete work. In this way we can get a fully biomimetic restoration - giving you long-lasting functionality, aesthetics and comfort - while also compressing time to be as efficient as possible for you. I know you're busy and your time is VERY valuable and I will always work diligently to give you the best available dentistry while at the same time protecting your schedule and your personal life. All my dentistry is one-on-one so when you come in for your appointment, it's all about you. We're a team together in this project and I'm not running from room-to-room, you get my FULL attention to get a PERFECT product.

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