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Not All Veneers are the Same. On This Page I Will Teach You What You Need to Know.


I had a lot of fun with this case. We wanted to go a little brighter in order to match her olive skin. The character of her teeth needed to match her fun, caring, outgoing personality. I love the way the character of these teeth look like she has never had veneers. I told her to just tell people that she took care of her teeth and had braces as a child. She does and people believe her. Such subtle little things in the shape and size of the veneer make all the difference. She was also tired of having more and more fillings placed on her back teeth and it was time to end that downward spiral for her. She is stunning.

Testimonials from the patient

Ultra Thin Veneers - Case 01 – Video Testimonial Before

Ultra Thin Veneers - Case 02 – Video Testimonial After


After having her second child she was ready to do something for herself. Her teeth suffered during the pregnancies but she always wanted a beautiful smile and it was time for her. After planning everything out we decided we were on the same page: she wanted some veneers that looked incredible, complemented her skin and lips, but DID NOT look like veneers. She wanted it to look as natural as possible. I wanted to make sure to bring out her fun and outgoing attitude while also retaining a lot of character in the shape of each tooth. You can get a good idea on how different temps look vs final veneers on these photos: the temps are more matte while the finals have a nice sheen to them and the color that comes down from the gumline then tapers off at a translucent end. This is all about making them look as real as possible. These tiny little touches add so much to the final product, as I’m sure you’ll agree. She didn’t even smile before this in photos and now she lights up the world.


She was absolutely beautiful and her teeth really detracted from that. Now her smile compliments her face and she looks great.


As a professional fighter, he had taken his share of punches. But as a professional businessman with sights for the sky, he knew he needed to have a smile that communicated trustworthiness. He wanted something that didn’t look like big Chiclets and he didn’t want his clients spotting that he had big bathroom-tile veneers. You’ll see each tooth looks individual and unique.


Her teeth made her feel very young and childish. She wanted to transform into a woman and no longer just be a “girl.” We had to find a way to give her natural teeth that allowed her to feel confident and free to be herself: a strong and beautiful woman. The video of her talking shows the teeth best because her hair is incredible and it gives you a better idea of how she really looks afterwards.

Testimonials from the patient

03 Natural Cosmetic Dentistry My perfect smile Dr Paul O’Malley
Natasha describes seeing her brand new smile in the mirror for the very first time.


This patient wanted the “Hollywood Smile” – He wanted a whiter and more youthful presentation. And that’s exactly what he got!

Testimonials from the patient

Ultra Thin Veneers - Case 06 – Video Testimonial

Ultra Thin Veneers - Case 07 – Video Testimonial


This patient has some old dental work and missing teeth but also her main concern was looking great. We were able to clean up all her old restorations and also give her a fantastic smile in the process.


This patient had lots of old, failing restorations and she wanted to increase the color of her smile and have something with more character – something beautiful, yet natural. She knew it would make her look younger. I think we did a great job.


This patient had gotten a quote to do crowns on all her teeth. Something told her it wasn’t the right move and she wound-up working with me. I built all her teeth up delicately using biomimetic procedures then used veneers to get this incredible, yet natural, look


This patient’s main concern was that she had bite issues but did not want to do typical hack-and-fill dentistry that would just crown her teeth. She wanted a beautiful and functional mouth but in the least invasive way. This case may look simple but reverse veneers are actually quite an advanced dental procedure.

Testimonials from the patient

Ultra Thin Veneers – Case 10 – Video Testimonial


She wanted to have her teeth look like they were when she was younger but she wanted something natural that looked like they were her original teeth. She wanted to look younger and she got exactly that.


This doctor from another state flew in to see me because he’s always wanted to get his teeth done but he never wanted to hack down his teeth or get something done that looks unnatural.


This patient, at first, had concerns about some of his back teeth. Cavities, afraid of losing some teeth, etc. After that work was completed, he expressed an interest in veneers for his front teeth. Due to grinding and discoloration, he wanted to enjoy a much healthier and youthful smile. This is the final product.

Testimonials from the patient

Dr. Bickford Testimonial

Let’s face it, we all know veneers are expensive. Plus when you spend that much, what if they don’t look that great? They can wind up looking like Chiclets!

Cheap veneers are simple: you just grind down a large portion of the tooth then do what is called an impression and then get them made by a lab. That requires no skill.

The problem is this: veneers don’t last forever. In 10 years or so when one or two of those veneers start to break off, what are you going to do if there is no tooth structure left to place a new one? It’s a tough spot to be in.

But if you do minimal-prep (which means minimal grinding), then you don’t need to worry about that. There will be plenty of tooth structure left to last you the rest of your life. The solution is Ultra-Thin Veneers.

You might think that means they are weaker, but, because very little of the tooth is messed with, they are actually much stronger because they are bonded to a big and sturdy tooth.

A large veneer means that there is less tooth. That’s not good and actually less strong. Not to mention they look obviously more on the fake side because they can be too white or too perfect. Sometimes a beautiful, but natural, looking smile is actually more ATTRACTIVE.

You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to be beautiful; TRULY attractive people are generally fairly subtle about it. The masters of dentistry create beauty by adding character in areas that need it and giving a masculine or feminine touch that is entirely artistic.

Grinding down a ton of your tooth and slapping on a Chiclet is not the way to do it. There is such a thing as “no-prep” veneer, but you wind up with a big, bulky veneer because the veneer is always bigger than your natural teeth. “Minimal-prep” is the smartest way to maximize your veneer bond and also save teeth. It gives you the best of both worlds.

It allows the lab to make the perfect shape and size for your veneers that are not too big and bulky. One thing that is great about Ultra-Thin Veneers as well is that, with them, you can retain the natural translucence of the tooth. Making sure the gum line travels around the tooth in a natural way is also really critical.

Our type of veneers fit perfectly under the gum line and won’t cause inflammation or discomfort. Often times, people will think you take really good care of your teeth, had braces in the past and really care about your appearance, which can give you an advantage in business dealings, dating, relationships, etc.

Why Building-Up the Veneer is Important:

Preparing for Ultra-Thin Veneers Testimonial from this patient Dr. Paul O'Malley

Most dentists have a hard time bonding the veneers to the deeper part of the teeth, called dentin.

By using a special technology called biomimetic dentistry, we are able to build up the tooth in a special way that protects the nerves of the teeth while also increasing the strength of the veneer bond up to 400%.

We make sure if there is any dentin that could later be exposed to bacteria, we seal it up first before placing the veneer. That way, if later the veneer was to crack or leak for any reason, the bacteria could never get down in the root and cause an infection.

We also make sure to build up the veneer in a way that allows the mouth to keep the same structure that Mother Nature intended.

One good example of this is the backside of the tooth. There is a crevice built behind the tooth (that you can see in the picture on the side of this text) that also needs to be re-created if decay ruined it. This small crevice is an important aspect of the anatomy of a tooth and prevents the lower teeth from pushing against and over-flexing the upper teeth.

Here I have taken a picture of a dental model and drawn on a couple of the teeth to show you what I’m talking about:

Doing these seemingly small extra actions can improve the life of your veneers and also your teeth because they won’t need to be prepped again for, hopefully, a VERY long time.

Our Veneer Process:

First and foremost, this is RED CARPET TREATMENT.

You come in and work with the doctor one-on-one to make sure you have the absolute perfect smile you have always wanted. We are going to showboat you down to our lab in Beverly Hills and take photos. Unless, of course, you want to be shy about it.

But before we do all that, we do the most important step: pre-planning. We do this by putting your entire mouth into wax.

Dental Wax Mold Modal

There’s two reasons why we do this:

  1. So that you can see exactly what your teeth will look like with your new veneers.
  2. So that we can determine the exact best way to prepare your teeth so that we only have to remove the BARE MINIMUM of tooth structure to get the smile you have always dreamed of.

This phase is often not done when people are getting veneers done elsewhere. This is not ideal because you want to have a complete picture of where the gum line will be, how the length and shape of the teeth will be and also the way the bite will be.

You are not included in the decision because the “doctor knows best.” With restorative dental work that may be true, but with cosmetics only the patient knows best!

There is no room for error or imperfections once you place the final veneer; so every single precaution should be taken to make sure that they are absolutely PERFECT once they are placed.

The pre-planning stage is the MOST important part of getting veneers and a majority of dentists don’t even do this step at all!

After you get Excited About your New Look:

Now that you have seen your future mouth, and are happy with it, we get you scheduled to come in and have your teeth prepared and have the temporaries put on. In my office, we do everything one-on-one. You will be working with me and I only deal with one patient at a time.

This means every step is controlled and handled by us and there is very little outside interference or reliance from support staff. Often, if you have a lot of veneers to be done, we can schedule you for a 4 or 5 hour appointment in an afternoon and do all of your temporaries in one day. This allows you to literally walk out of your first visit with a brand new smile.

Then, over the course of a few weeks, we make adjustments based on how you’re feeling and how you like your new teeth. The process can go much faster if you want, but we recommend giving it some time so that you are 100% sure that you know exactly what you want before we finalize the tiny sculptures that will forever change your life.

Then, when we are both happy with the final result, we get the final veneers made in our lab and sent over to our office to be seated. Then you come in for another 4 or 5 hour appointment to have everything placed and perfected.

Usually, after this point, all you have to do is flash those pearly whites and brighten up the lives of the people around you with your mind-blowing new smile.

Caring for your Veneers:

If you’re like many Americans, you have way too much stress on a daily basis. It could be causing you to grind at night and might be destroying your teeth.

If that’s the case, we’ll make you a night guard to protect your new investment and you will sleep with it in order to prevent night-time grinding from damaging and chipping away at your new veneers. Besides that, you can treat your new veneers just like normal teeth: brushing, flossing, oral probiotics, etc.

I have veneers that I did on my patients 20 years ago and are still going strong. People value things that are expensive: your veneers will get better treatment, naturally, than your original teeth ever did. You will WANT to take care of them.

I have done over 11,000 veneers, so you’re in good hands. If you only need veneers and don’t need any restorative work at all then I will do a cosmetic consultation (not full exam or x-rays) totally free of charge. There’s no reason to wait.

Two entire videos of my free holistic dental education course are devoted to veneers. The reason why is because veneers can be used as a restorative option to crowns to open your bite and give you many restorative properties as well as making your smile absolutely gorgeous.

They get a reputation of “only cosmetic,” which isn’t really true.

Sign up for my free course and schedule to come and see me.